Douglas Fir Wall Paneling Enhances Your Design Style.

Factories and warehouses were in abundance with Douglas Fir wood during the Industrial Revolution. This Douglas Fir wall paneling is made from timbers used to frame those very warehouses and factories. People are drawn to this reclaimed wood paneling look, as it beautifully complements a variety of design styles and makes it one of our most popular panels. Douglas Fir paneling is a very versatile wood, available rough sawn or planed smooth to give you the perfect touch of character in your home. New lumber doesn’t compare to our Douglas Fir reclaimed wood! Feel free to message, or to call us directly to discuss the scope of your project or request a quote for reclaimed wood paneling and we will get in touch with you.

Our Reclamation Process for Wood Paneling

  1. De-Nailing

Once our supplier completes an initial round of surface de-nailing, we meticulously extract any remaining nails or metals from the reclaimed panels we rescue. By utilizing metal detector wands and other potent detection tools, our team quickly and safely removes all traces of metal from each shipment of reclaimed materials, transporting them to our kilns afterward for drying.

  1. Kiln Drying

Unlike many recovered wood companies and independent sellers of reclaimed lumber, Manomin Resawn Timbers makes use of large and powerful kilns to dry our milled lumber until it attains an ideal balance of moisture content. This ensures that each piece of paneling stays strong and stable when it’s inevitably exposed to different environmental conditions. This process also prevents shrinkage, which can make reclaimed paneling significantly harder to install properly. Last but not least, our kiln drying system eliminates all traces of bugs or larvae living within the wood, guaranteeing that no unwelcome pests gain access to your home.

  1. Milling

Regrettably, most salvaged barn boards and timbers are severely uneven and warped when they’re first rescued. That’s where our team of seasoned craftspeople comes in. These woodworking professionals make use of a wide variety of tools, including special saws, planers, joiners, molders and more, to make each piece of lumber we save perfectly flat, straight and square, creating gorgeous and unique paneling that will make your project shine.

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Wall with douglas fir wood paneling
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