Reclaimed wood can be used to build any product that’s usually made of standard wood. The benefits of using reclaimed wood in the place of virgin lumber are endless. Some obvious benefits include having a one-of-a-kind piece, more environmentally friendly, a more premium and high-end piece of furniture.

To help you make the right decision the next time you’re looking for a bookcase to add to your home, here are 4 inspiring reclaimed wood bookcases.

Where To Buy Reclaimed Wood Bookcases

Finding a truly reclaimed wood bookcase isn’t always easy. There aren’t truly that many reclaimed wood bookcase options on the market because reclaimed wood can sometimes be hard to come by. But, here are a few of the favorites that we’ve found

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn offers some of the best-reclaimed wood furniture on the market. And, it offers their sustainably sourced guarantee. There are few reclaimed furniture items that can’t be found on the Pottery Barn website. Be sure to check them out!

West Elm

Another high-end furniture dealer, West Elm, has several great reclaimed wood pieces available. While their selection isn’t as extensive as Pottery Barn, there still are some great options.


The selection from Room&Board features a few different pieces that come in multiple sizes and colors. These pieces give off an especially modern or industrial look. These pieces are great additions to a home that’s looking for something simple to add.

Home Depot

The really simple and straightforward bookcase accent piece offered by Home Depot is a cost-effective solution to getting real Barnwood furniture in your home. There’s a lot of homeowners that love the look of this piece at a low cost.

Reclaimed Wood Bookcase Inspiration

Pinterest is by far the best place to find inspiration when it comes to almost anything. Here are a few awesome examples of reclaimed wood bookcases that we pulled from Pinterest.

The above bookcase is a great example of simple and bold reclaimed woodwork. The design could be used for a number of purposes and the added depth on the bottom half of the bookshelf makes it even more versatile.

A ladder bookcase makes for a great way to store books and decorate a smaller room or apartment. You’ll get the benefits of a modern-looking bookcase with a space-saving design.

If you’re looking for a more rustic design this bookcase might work out nicely. A simple design is a right choice for a lot of homeowners.

Last but not least is this traditional-style bookcase. You could use this bookcase for storing or showing off keepsakes and fine china. That’s the great part about traditional design; it’s very versatile.

DIY Reclaimed Wood Bookcase

There are several ways that you can go about reclaiming wood and finding the right products to use for a reclaimed wood bookcase. Lumber prices, both virgin and reclaimed, are currently very high throughout the U.S. (current as of 6/10/21), making a project like this somewhat expensive.

One way to save time when choosing to DIY a project like this is by purchasing the lumber from a reclaimed wood dealer. Manomin Resawn Timbers provides a number of reclaimed materials that can be used for multiple purposes.

All you’ll need to complete this project is the reclaimed wood, a few tools, and the wood required for the project. Depending on how proficient you are, you’ll be able to put together something that looks great!