How To Salvage Reclaimed Pallet Wood for DIY Projects

The charming, rustic look of reclaimed wood and furniture made from pallets is all the rage right now. Whether you're turning on the television to the home improvement channel or leafing through the latest issue of your favorite interior design magazine, this trend is truly everywhere right now. With the price of lumber going up, [...]


What’s A Barnwood Ceiling Fan? [Picture Examples]

Are you trying to refresh the many spaces within your home with a beautiful and bright interior design trend? Try accenting your house with upcycled or reclaimed barnwood decor and rustic, country-inspired appliances like farmhouse ceiling fans. From the kitchen to your outdoor living space, farmhouse ceiling fans always look fantastic. You can find tons [...]


Learn How To Stain Wood in 7 Simple Steps

If you're reading this, then you're either looking to get started with a fresh wood stain, or you already attempted it, and it didn't go so well. Either way, we're here to make sure that you get it right! Applying the right wood stain to your home's next project will make all the difference, and [...]


8 Inspiring Projects with Reclaimed Wood Beams [Picture Examples]

Reclaimed beams look truly beautiful in almost any home. And you can trust that we're not completely biased here at Manomin Resawn Timbers. Homeowners and designers are constantly finding ways to incorporate beautiful wood beams throughout their home designs. But, when it comes time for you to install a wood beam, you'll likely need some [...]


Barnwood Shiplap vs. Reclaimed Wood (Pros & Cons)

There are many different designs, ideas, and styles that can be used for your home. Design ideas can look like using reclaimed wood, purchasing shiplap from the local lumberyard, or finding old barn wood that you clean and install yourself. Each of these different options offers benefits and downfalls in its own right. We're laying [...]


How To Build Rustic Picture Frames Using Reclaimed Wood

There's something special about making things yourself. Especially when it's going to be a focal point in your home. At Manomin Resawn Timbers, we love all things reclaimed wood, and we love DIY projects too! In today's post, we'll give you everything you need to create your own rustic reclaimed wood picture frames. Determine the [...]


“Reclaimed Wood Near Me” (How To Find & Buy)

Whether you're after a DIY project or you're a contractor trying to fulfill the needs of your client, finding reclaimed wood and installing it is never easy. But finding reclaimed wood doesn't need to be difficult or expensive. In this short guide, we'll break down some of the best places to find reclaimed wood for [...]


6 Best Wood Stain Options For Your Homes Interior

Brown, clear, tinted, poly coating, clear coat– there are so many incredible wood stain options. How are you supposed to know where to start when you want to add a stain to something in your home? Everyone has experienced that clueless feeling when walking down the paint and stain isles in a huge hardware store. [...]


7 Ways To Make Your Wood Look Old (Wood Aging Tactics)

While new wood in a home is nice, it lacks the appeal and vintage aesthetic that's gained throughout the years. Aged and antique wood can be hard to come by, and reclaimed wood can be hard to find as well. Instead, there are ways to age wood synthetically and make it look great. There's nothing [...]