Sustainable Wood – Discover Why Reclaimed Wood is the Best Choice

There is a growing trend amongst consumers today where they put to the forefront of the decision process the sustainability of a product. Initially, this started with smaller, basic consumer goods, such as food and clothing. But soon, more companies realized the importance of making sure that their products were made ethically and sourced from [...]


Where to Buy Reclaimed Lumber – 10 Best Places in MN

Minnesota is as good a place as any to look for reclaimed wood. With a rich history of barns and other wooden architecture, there is a vibrant community of recycled and reclaimed wood throughout the state.  Whether you’re in the Twin Cities or up north, you can find numerous lumber yards and wood suppliers who [...]


The Insider’s Hardwood Floors Buying Guide – 10 Proven Tips

Purchasing new hardwood floors is a big decision, so it's important to carefully plan out your new flooring upgrade, because the last thing you want to do is scrap your progress once you realize that the flooring options you went with are exactly what you had in mind. Choosing hardwood flooring over carpets is a [...]


How Reclaimed Lumber Gets Turned into Rustic Flooring

Wood floors can transform your home into a warm, rustic environment. When you use reclaimed lumber to create your floors, it can add an extra vintage feel. You might wonder how reclaimed wood becomes beautiful hardwood flooring. At Manomin Resawn Timbers, we’ve been transforming stunning pieces of reclaimed wood into rustic flooring for years, so [...]