“Those were the good old days” is an adage that rings particularly true when it comes to building products. These days, you’ll find a lot more windows and siding in vinyl than you will in wood, and composite flooring often replaces the solid, real thing. Forestry has evolved, too, with speed-to-market ruling the day. Stands of trees are harvested at the precise moment they’ll generate the most profit.

The big casualty has been choice. End users have a shallower well from which they can draw ideas and options to make a space uniquely their own: In today’s market, what will make the most money often trumps what could be possible.

Manomin Resawn Timbers is all about “the good old days,” and we work passionately to bring that era to you and to your project. We recognize that reclaiming old lumber is about much more than tearing boards out of old buildings. We know that maintaining our high standards will result in the best, most beautiful outcome for you. Our diligence starts with sourcing the highest-quality wood and continues with precise milling that accentuates the best qualities and unique character of each and every board.

From the first hello to the completion of your project, we can lead or follow: We’ll inspire you, or you can inspire us with your own vision or that of your architect or interior designer.

Reclaimed Wood Photos for Inspiration