Our Process

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After the supplier does the initial surface de-nailing, we carefully remove all nails and metal from the boards and timbers. We use the same metal detectors wands used at the security checkpoints at airports, as well as various tools we’ve come to appreciate through our years of de-nailing experience.

Kiln Drying

Large, powerful kilns are used to dry the milled lumber until it’s reached its equilibrium moisture content (EMC). EMC is a balance of the moisture content (MC) of the wood and the relative humidity (RH) of its environment. This process helps keep the board true and stable under inevitably changing environmental conditions and is particularly important to prevent shrinkage that can compromise the quality of the installation.

When kiln drying, we heat treat the wood to destroy any bugs and larvae in the wood – before they become unwelcomed visitors in your home. Not all recovered wood companies perform this important step.


It takes the right tools and the right person using them to make an antique board absolutely flat, straight and square. We have both. Our craftspeople use special saws, planers, joiners, molders, specialty tools and mostly, their experience and judgment to create the beginnings of one-of-a-kind boards that will make your project uniquely yours.


So far, our process has been driven by the best equipment in the hands of the best people exercising the best judgment. Now’s not the time to change course: If you need installation, we can refer you to a trusted, experienced professional who’ll complete the project, committed to the same high standards of those who started it.

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