Installing A Heavy Wood Mantel (Beginner’s Guide)

Fireplace mantels are heavy, difficult to install but offer so much to your fireplace. Whether you're looking for an elegant wood mantel or something simple, we're breaking down how you can install it in your home. Enjoying fires with your new heavy wood mantel will help you make great memories, and your living room is [...]


Reclaimed Wood Beam Installation: Everything You Need to Know

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Reclaimed Wood Flooring Guide: Benefits & Costs (2022 Update)

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How To Install Your Planked Wall Today (DIY Planked Wall Guide)

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Using A Reclaimed Wood Stool To Level Up Your At-Home Bar

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How To Add A Reclaimed Wood Vanity To Your Bathroom

Ready to take your bathroom to the next level with a reclaimed wood vanity? Reclaimed wood always looks beautiful, especially if you can integrate it into a master bath. But, finding the right vanity and incorporating it in the right way can sometimes be a challenge. We can help you find the right reclaimed wood [...]


4 Best Reclaimed Wood TV Stands & Key Considerations For Your Room

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Where To Get Your Reclaimed Wood Dresser + Room Design Ideas

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How To Incorporate & Install Reclaimed Wood Shelves In Your Home

Reclaimed wood shelves are beautiful for many reasons, such as adding some much-needed character and utility to a home that lacks open shelving or has outdated cabinets. If you've been wanting to install some shelves in your home and you're looking for a unique way to do so, then reclaimed wood is just the thing. [...]