8 Quick Techniques for Finishing Reclaimed Wood Like a Pro

Reclaimed wood is all the rage these days when it comes to repurposing something old into a work of modern luxury. Whether you plan on building a door with reclaimed wood or something more ambitious like a kitchen island, finishing reclaimed wood to mold into the design of your dreams isn’t as difficult as you [...]


M.R. Timbers Featured Project Series – Box Beams

Welcome back to another M.R. Timbers Featured Project Series! In today's post, we'll cover box beams. Reclaimed wood box beams can take any space and add some dramatic flair to your home. The best thing about these beams is that they are highly customizable to fit the specifications and uniqueness of your home. They also happen [...]


Style Guide: Wood Wall Paneling (A Great Alternative to Drywall & Paint)

When it comes to creating a home with character that is timeless, classy, and beautiful, wood wall paneling does it best. At Manomin Resawn Timbers, we supply gorgeous wood paneling, which is a fantastic alternative to clunky, heavy drywall or toxin-filled paint. Wood wall paneling is polished, but still provides that rugged and rustic look that [...]


Sustainable Wood – Discover Why Reclaimed Wood is the Best Choice

There is a growing trend amongst consumers today where they put to the forefront of the decision process the sustainability of a product. Initially, this started with smaller, basic consumer goods, such as food and clothing. But soon, more companies realized the importance of making sure that their products were made ethically and sourced from [...]


Where to Buy Reclaimed Lumber – 10 Best Places in MN

Minnesota is as good a place as any to look for reclaimed wood. With a rich history of barns and other wooden architecture, there is a vibrant community of recycled and reclaimed wood throughout the state.  Whether you’re in the Twin Cities or up north, you can find numerous lumber yards and wood suppliers who [...]