Reclaimed Wood Exterior Siding: Why Homeowners Are Transitioning To This Sustainable Siding Method

We hear the term "sustainable" being thrown around all over the place these days. And while too much sustainability isn't a bad thing—as we should all aspire to cut back on the resources we are using—the opportunity for greenwashing is more prevalent than ever. Greenwashing refers to businesses making false claims about how sustainable, eco-friendly, [...]


7 Ideas For Using Reclaimed Wood In Your Home

As a homeowner in today's world, being sustainable is becoming less and less of a trend and more and more like a way of life. Especially for younger people who are just entering the home market and are switching from an apartment to their forever home, ensuring that their home is eco-friendly is near the [...]


Minnesota Builder To Know: Stonewood: Custom Home Builders

Many homebuilders promise — or even guarantee — that they'll deliver high-quality results while treating their clients fair and with respect, day-in-and-day-out, project after project, some deliver and some do not on this promise. However, here in the Midwest, many of the home builders are passionate about what they do and want to make sure [...]


10 Christmas Mantel Ideas To Get Your Home In The Holiday Spirit

When it comes to decorating for the holidays, there may be no better focal-point for decor than your fireplace mantel. And it makes sense too. Naturally, a fireplace is already the centerpiece of many homes. So, why shouldn't it be the centerpiece for your holiday spirit? Your fireplace is where you'll find the most warmth within [...]


7 Ceiling Paneling Ideas To Spice Up Your Home

Perhaps one of the most overlooked parts of the home is what you sometimes don't notice unless you look up. The ceiling is often a neglected area of the home. And it makes sense. Homeowners often get a little too held up with what they can see at eye-level before realizing that they forgot to [...]


Minnesota Builder to Know: John Kraemer & Sons

Transparency is a key fixture in today's business world. Companies around the world are starting to understand the importance of being fair and honest with consumers. Having transparent and fair values within an organization can go a long way towards helping businesses attract more consumers — who appreciate the additional insight and fairness — as [...]


Minnesota Builder to Know: Ispiri

Perhaps what is most impressive about this month's Minnesota Builder to Know — Ispiri — is how they've managed to not only be one of the top design and build firms in the area, but they also offer exceptional landscaping and renew services. While some home builders who offer landscaping services as well may struggle [...]


Minnesota Builder to Know: Denali Custom Homes

With today's Minnesota Builder to Know, we'll look at Denali Custom Homes located in Wayzata. Minnesota is certainly home to some exceptional home builders, and Denali is no exception - with their one size doesn't fit all approach, they've created some genuinely gorgeous houses for many Minnesota families. Let's get to know a little more [...]

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