Minnesota Builder to Know: Highmark Builders

Just like the allure of building a Lego set piece by piece, Highmark Builders understands how rewarding the process of building a home from the ground up is. Based in Savage, MN, Highmark is an award-winning builder that is the complete one-stop shop when it comes to finding your new forever home. Highmark Builders: Who [...]


Local Builders Association Spotlight: NARI

Nonprofits are amazing organizations that strive to better the world through an area that they are passionate about. Luckily, Minnesota is no stranger to fantastic nonprofit groups and local builders, especially when it comes to the home building and remodeling industry. For our first installment of our new 'Local Builders Association Spotlight,' we'll highlight the [...]


Local Builders Association Spotlight: BATC

Welcome back to another Local Builders Association Spotlight post! Today we'll focus on the Builders Association of the Twin Cities (BATC), who is one of the leading voices for builders and remodelers in the area. We'll break down what exactly BATC is, and how they can benefit home builders through their marketing, advocacy, and industry [...]


MR Timbers Featured Project Series – Weathered Gray Barn Wood

Welcome back to another installment of the MR Timbers Featured Project Series! Today, we'll highlight a home whose interior was designed by Cocobello Interiors - a boutique design firm that is a staple within the Twin Cities area. We'll offer up some background on Cocobello Interiors and what makes them one of the most trusted [...]


Rustic Siding Options: Style Guide With 10 Inspirational Examples

Rustic siding has long been a coveted look by homeowners, but its popularity has reached new heights in recent years. There is a wide assortment of rustic siding options to choose from when picking the look that works for you. Far from limiting you to standard board-and-batten, you can make your siding as ornate or [...]


How To Finish Reclaimed Wood: An 8 Step Guide

You finally bought the perfect wood for your home project. After hours of research and comparing different wood styles, you pulled the trigger. There is one last crucial step you need to take before you install your new timber. You need to apply a finish. Getting this part right can make or break your wood [...]


M.R. Timbers Featured Project Series – Box Beams

Welcome back to another M.R. Timbers Featured Project Series! In today's post, we'll cover box beams. Reclaimed wood box beams can take any space and add some dramatic flair to your home. The best thing about these beams is that they are highly customizable to fit the specifications and uniqueness of your home. They also happen [...]


Style Guide: Wood Wall Paneling (A Great Alternative to Drywall & Paint)

When it comes to creating a home with character that is timeless, classy, and beautiful, wood wall paneling does it best. At Manomin Resawn Timbers, we supply gorgeous wood paneling, which is a fantastic alternative to clunky, heavy drywall or toxin-filled paint. Wood wall paneling is polished, but still provides that rugged and rustic look that [...]


The Rough Sawn Lumber Beginners Guide: What To Know Before You Buy

Disclaimer: This guide is for those who are looking to purchase NEW wood. At Manomin Resawn Timbers, we do not sell new, but reclaimed wood. We are not a lumber yard but instead work with contractors on larger home and commercial projects. If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of using reclaimed wood [...]


Sustainable Wood – Discover Why Reclaimed Wood is the Best Choice

There is a growing trend amongst consumers today where they put to the forefront of the decision process the sustainability of a product. Initially, this started with smaller, basic consumer goods, such as food and clothing. But soon, more companies realized the importance of making sure that their products were made ethically and sourced from [...]