The aesthetic, durability, and uniqueness are just a few of the benefits of having a reclaimed wood bed frame. Some other benefits include higher quality, better for the environment, and fewer chemicals in your home.

At Manomin Resawn Timbers, we believe that there are a number of furniture pieces that just look and function better when they’re made out of wood and, more specifically, reclaimed wood.

Where to Buy Reclaimed Wood Bed Frames

There are several places you can find reclaimed wood bed frames. Some offer more choices than others, but all of the sites below do a good job of representing reclaimed wood products well.


Avocado is a non-toxic green company that focuses on bedding. From mattresses to bed frames, they offer some great products. The bed frames they offer come in all of the standard bed sizes and are made from reclaimed wood products. They even offer a few different style options.


Etsy carries a few different reclaimed wood bed frames. All of these products are handmade and will be completely one-of-a-kind. Some of the products they offer aren’t necessarily reclaimed wood, but others are exactly what you’re looking for. This reclaimed wood platform bed is a great example of a creative way to style your bedroom.

If you still haven’t found what you like, keep searching for custom builders online, and be sure to check out our blog post for reclaimed wood headboards.

woman sitting on a reclaimed wood bed frame

DIY Reclaimed Wood Bed

If you think a DIY project is in the works, a reclaimed wood bed frame or reclaimed wood headboard is definitely an option. Without too much experience, you should be able to put a project like this together. We do encourage everyone to have at least some experience doing DIY or handy projects before trying something like this.

Easy Steps to Building a Wood Bed

Most of the tools you’ll need for a reclaimed wood project are the same, no matter the project you’re working on. One thing that does change are the fasteners you use to connect all of the different pieces. In the case of reclaimed wood bed frames, screws are your best option. Here’s a list of tools to have on hand:

  • Finishing nailer
  • Wood Screws
  • Drill or Impact Driver
  • Skill saw, or Miter saw
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Safety glasses

After you’ve gathered the tools, you’ll, of course, need the wood, but you’ll also need a plan. Here’s an example of some different wood bed plans that you could use as a jumping-off point.

Where to Buy Reclaimed Wood

There are two ways that you can get reclaimed wood for your project. First, you could reclaim the wood yourself. This would entail finding the wood, cleaning it, removing nails, and drying it. Finding the wood itself can be a challenge, and reclaiming it will take time away from your project. This is what leads homeowners to the second option: purchasing reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed wood can be purchased in ready-to-use condition from reclaimed wood dealers. A reclaimed wood dealer such as MR Timbers will have the wood ready to be installed in your home. This includes it being entirely de-nailed and cleaned for you.