Have you ever been in the middle of redecorating, remodeling, or decorating a new home for the first time? If so, then you’ve probably had the feeling of something not being quite right.

It’s a common feeling for many when decorating, and it can be hard to solve the mystery of what exactly is missing. We have one idea of something that might help. Adding a reclaimed wood headboard to your new master bedroom or guest room might be just the thing you’re missing.

Choosing reclaimed wood is good for the environment and also adds a great conversation piece as well as a unique element that’s custom to your home.

Reclaimed Wood Headboard

You might think that wood headboards are kind of a thing of the past, but they’re not at all. Reclaimed wood headboards seek to bring some beautiful rustic elements into the bedroom, and they do just that. The exposed wood headboard can give a room a very homie feel and bring some antique and warm features while still allowing everything to feel modern and fresh.

Let’s dive into some inspirations for your home!

Checkered Headboard

The first inspiration headboard we’ll share is this red and natural checkered headboard.


Adding a checkered headboard that includes all different kinds of wood is an excellent choice for any bedroom. Better yet, it goes with lots of different paint colors, bedspreads, and furniture. These headboards are also very DIY friendly. All you have to do is find the right shades of wood, and you’ll be able to start creating your bedspread.

Solid Dark Colors

Next up, we have something a little bit simpler and more elegant—a solid dark headboard.Solid

This headboard utilizes panels of wood hung vertically. This makes for an exquisite piece that would go nicely with many different interior decorating styles.

Rustic Headboard

You can’t give inspiration for reclaimed wood headboards without talking about a rustic headboard. These headboards are beautiful and display the character of the wood that’s been used to construct them.

Rustic reclaimed wood headboard

These headboards are gorgeous editions to any bedroom, and they do offer something that regular or imitation headboards can’t provide. The true character within the wood is something that can’t easily be found in other headboards.

Simple Wood Paneling

The best part about simplifying something like a headboard is that it’s easy to install, move, and change if you’re looking to do something different. This simple dark wood paneling is a great example of that. Place the panels against your wall, and push the bed up to it for a classy look.

Reclaimed wood bedframe

We think this option is great for anyone on a budget or looking to do it themselves.

Wood Paneled Walls

Wall panels aren’t quite classified as a headboard, but it sure is close. If you decide to panel your walls instead of doing a headboard, then you might just get the best of both worlds: a headboard, and a reclaimed wood wall. reclaimed pine wood paneled wall

As you can see, this is a very clean and pleasant option. We’d recommend it. There are a ton of different options as far as colors and styles of wood paneling. Consider also making them horizontal instead of vertical.

The Perfect Getaway

This option might feel slightly extreme if you’re just trying to remake the look of your bed. But for those of you who are up for a challenge, here’s a great option: a reclaimed wood wall with a matching bed and headboard. This inspiration would be great for a cabin or lake house.

Consider taking a few different pieces from this picture and exploring what that would like if you added it to your home.

Wood Beam Headboard

Our last example is a simple wood beam headboard with a matching nightstand. This is such a simple way to incorporate reclaimed wood and a classy way to finish off our list.

Wood beam headboard with matching nightstand.

Where to Find Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood can be a little tricky to find on your own and even more difficult to get it ready for installation. That’s where we come in. MR Timbers is your complete supply for all reclaimed wood needs.

We offer wood for mantels, doors, beams, floors, and more. If you’re looking to put together a headboard, give us a call, and we’ll help you get the perfect pieces of wood. We might even be able to tell you a story about where your wood came from and the life it lived before it came to settle in your home.

Contact us today to get started and visit our blog for some more inspirations of ways that you can incorporate reclaimed wood in your home.

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