While Minneapolis has seen a large boom in apartments over the past few decades, none of these buildings are as unique and historical as those located in the Mill District.

What were once mighty mill buildings have now been converted into housing — and the tenants love them.

But because of the ‘different’ style of architecture that you don’t see with typical lofts, some of the rooms come with obstructed views. Whereas some of the units have expansive views of the Mississippi and Stone Arch Bridge, other’s have views of the leftover structures from other mill buildings of years past.

As outlined in this Midwest Home article, some folks don’t mind the obstructed views.

A young millennial couple recently moved into one of these lofts and stated that they like what they see when they look out their windows.

“It fully faces the Gold Medal grain elevators, with cool obstructed views of the river and of the buildings next door,” says Annie Spanjers in the article.

Annie and her husband Matt moved into the downtown loft last fall, and while they love what they see, they admit that it may not be for everybody.

The views weren’t for everybody,” says Annie, “Lots of people in the building want sweeping river vistas. But our obstructed views are the beauty and charm of the unit to us.”

In addition to its unique views, this unit — located in the Humboldt Lofts — also lends itself well to our reclaimed wood.

The wood wall you see in the corner in the community/living room is a 50/50 split of our Weathered Antique and Weathered Gray Reclaimed Wood. It was the perfect fit, as it plays off of the historic, rustic atmosphere of the mill district while still blending in seamlessly with the modern, open layout of the loft.


antique reclaimed wood panels

Courtesy of Spacecrafting

We love the way this project turned out and are excited about working with more loft owners in the Mill District to warm up their interiors while still providing the modern aesthetic they want.


mill district loft Minneapolis

Courtesy of Spacecrafting

In the photo above, you can get a feel for the obstructed views. As previously mentioned, some people would prefer to see more of the landscape around them, but there are definitely benefits to this loft.

One of those benefits is an added sense of privacy. Whereas some of these lofts — with their large windows covering most of the exterior — you may be vulnerable to people looking up at you from the Stone Arch Bridge.

mill district loft with reclaimed wood

Courtesy of Spacecrafting

One of the best features in a home — whether it’s a standalone house or a loft — is being able to provide comfort in all times of the year. It’s easy to see how the owners of this unit would thrive in both the winter and summer.

In the winter, the home is warm enough despite the large windows to provide a place of refuge during the cold, snowy months. But the loft also works great for warmer months too, where the windows display the gorgeous Minnesota weather that will get you out and about exploring the many activities the area has to offer.

Twins and Vikings games, the University of Minnesota, farmer’s market, and Gold Medal Park are all just a short walk away.

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Through our extensive reclaimed wood process for wood paneling, we get our pieces primed and ready to be proudly displayed in your home.

Before kiln drying the wood, we de-nail it to ensure that any traces of metal are out of the wood (we actually use metal detectors for this part!)

After kiln drying, we mill the wood to ensure that each piece is straight and square, creating gorgeous and unique paneling that is easy to install.

In addition to the quality of our wood paneling, we also offer a wide variety of types.

Here is a complete list of all the reclaimed wood paneling styles we offer:

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  • Antique Mixed Hardwoods
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