One of the most difficult parts of any remodel or home build is figuring out the color combination to go with between your cabinets and your flooring in your kitchen.

While yes, there are plenty of different styles and colors you can go with that all look great, you still want to make sure you choose the right one for you.

Recently, we were featured in this Houzz article, which details the steps for choosing how to design the interior of your kitchen.

In this post, we’ll just focus on how to find that perfect combination of cabinets and flooring for your home.

First up – create a colorful collage.

Creating a Collage

Elm flooring by Manomin Resawn Timbers

Unless you’re a professional interior designer, you may not even be aware of all the different colors and types of cabinets, as well as all the wood flooring options out there.

Because there is such a large variety of options, it’s important to do a little research and find as many cabinets as you like — whether on Pinterest or in interior home publications.

But don’t just limit yourself to the first couple you see and like. Instead, find as many as you can. While you may think that you want green cabinets, there are many different types of green colors available. Or, if you want wooden cabinets, there is a wide variety of those as well.

Finding as many examples of options you like will help lead to a more satisfying finished product, where you won’t be second-guessing any decisions because you know you were thorough.

Even if you think you might have a winner early on, you may find something you like more.

Creating an actual physical collage of all your favorites will allow you to see which flooring options and colors pair best with which cabinets.

If you’re working with a designer, then make sure you do both color and pattern studies, looking alongside photos and samples to make sure you’re making the right choice.

Which brings us to our next tip… ordering samples.

Ordering Samples

For those who just want to finish the project as soon as possible, ordering samples may seem like something that will only prolong the process. But, looking at samples is a must if you want to properly validate your decisions.

You should never try and rush through a project as elaborate as a kitchen remodel and all these extra steps will ensure that you avoid costly mistakes.

Finding the Right Flooring

However, reclaimed wood can help make this process much easier (here at Manomin Resawn Timbers, we offer 13 different styles of reclaimed wood flooring).

As the author of the Houzz article, Rebekah Zaveloff, puts it, “Testing is the best way to get a close match. Even if you’re not trying to match new to old, doing stain tests on samples of the actual flooring is the best way to get it right.”

Manomin Resawn Timbers — Your Go-To Reclaimed Wood Flooring Provider

Here at MR Timbers, we are passionate about reclaimed wood — especially when it comes to flooring.

Reclaimed wood flooring allows you to bring a level of warmth, as well as unique beauty into your home.

Avoid filling your home with bland and boring flooring that you’ve already seen. Instead, find something that is truly personal to your home. Each piece of reclaimed wood has a story, and by using recycled wood in your home, you can help add more chapters to their tales.

Your reclaimed wood will amaze guests, and even yourself, every time they walk in the door.

Here are our following types of wood flooring options we have available:

  • Antique Ash
  • Antique Elm
  • Antique Oak
  • Antique Wormy Chestnut
  • Reclaimed /Douglas Fir Signature Floor
  • Reclaimed Douglas Fir Manmin Lodge Floor
  • REcliamed Douglas Fir Rustic Rough Sawn Floor
  • Reclaimed Douglas Fir Vertical Grain Floor
  • Reclaimed Douglas Fir Manomin Extreme Floor
  • Antique Mixed Hardwoods
  • Antique Black Walnut Floor
  • Weathered Antique Floor
  • Antique End-Grain Wood Tile