Today’s Local Business Association Spotlight is centered on the WPO (Women Presidents’ Organization).

While the WPO is far from a small organization (its reach is global), the association does have multiple chapters in Minnesota.

So, without further adieu, here is what makes the WPO one of the top organizations for women business leaders in the world.

Quick Facts and Stats About the WPO

The Women Presidents’ Organizations is one of the top organizations in the world for women entrepreneurs (presidents, CEOs, managing directors). Specifically, the WPO is for privately held, multimillion-dollar companies. The WPO works towards helping its members accelerate business growth, enhance competitiveness, and promote economic security through peer-learning groups. All businesses need to grow in their industry to keep thriving and stay relevant. There are many ways in which businesses can stay relevant and keep having customers come back to them, social media is one of those platforms that can help with that, getting on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can elevate them to another level, they will gain instagram followers and Facebook members, etc. as they carry on growing and promoting.

Mission: The organization was formed to improve business conditions for women entrepreneurs and to promote the acceptance and advancement of women entrepreneurs in all industries.

2019 Statistics

WPO members have an average of:

  • $14.5 million in annual revenues
  • 84 employees
  • 27 years in business

WPO Membership

Objectives for members of the WPO include:

  • Develop innovative solutions to business challenges through sharing experiences and expertise in a confidential environment.
  • Provide continuing education in business and leadership through confidential forums where women presidents can connect and communicate.
  • Advance the influence of women in the business community by increasing the visibility of women presidents on the local, national, and international levels.
  • Celebrate the success of women presidents, accelerate their business growth, and enhance their competitiveness.
  • Reenergize and revitalize women presidents, leading to a more productive balance in work and life.

When it comes to membership options, there five different types of memberships.

But, before you figure out which membership you qualify for, to be a prospective member you must have the following:

  • Gross annual revenues of at least $1,000,000 USD for service-based businesses and $2,000,000 USD for product-based businesses.
  • Some ownership interest and run the day-to-day operations of their business; senior management responsibilities for attorneys and accountants.
  • Category exclusivity: must not be competitive with the core businesses of the other Chapter members within the same region.

Membership Levels and Fees

Chapter Members

These members are locally-based chapters and will take part in monthly and professionally-facilitated peer learning groups. These meetings are intended to be non-competitive and are done in a roundtable format with the purpose of accelerating the growth of their businesses.

These local chapters will be run by professional Chapter Chairs, who all own their own business.

Cost: $2,000 per year


Want to join the WPO but are not close enough to an actual chapter? No worries! The Member-at-Large membership solves this problem.

Created for women entrepreneurs who meet the WPO membership criteria, but live in a region absent of a chapter — or who cannot attend chapter meetings — Members-at-Large will still have access to yearly WPO events with the fantastic opportunity for networking and support.

Cost: $900 per year

Platinum Group

The Platinum Group Memberships is for WPO Chapter members (as well as Members-at-Large) with annual revenue of $10 million or more.

Instead of meeting once a month, Platinum Group members meet three times a year, “… forging an intensive and powerful interaction within an exceptional group of peers in non-competitive industries.”

Cost: $4,500 per year

Zenith Group

For existing WPO Chapter members and Members-at-Large with annual revenue at or exceeding $50 million, the Zenith membership is an option.

These members meet three times a year and bring together peers from across the country to ideate business breakthroughs.

Cost: $5,000 per year

Alumna Membership

Once you’ve had chapter membership status for three consecutive years and have either retired or sold your business, you’ll be up for the Alumna Membership. Another way to get this membership is to receive special authorization from headquarters.

Cost: $900 per year

For more information on the WPO, visit their website!