In another addition of Minnesota Builder to Know, we’re featuring Range Custom Homes. Range Homes is located in Rochester, Minnesota, and is run by a husband and wife team.

From their website: “ Creating a beautiful house for our clients to call home is what it’s all about…and while we are at it…let’s have some fun! Building a home should be a fun and memorable experience, and we do our best to make sure our clients enjoy the home building process.”

Range Homes has been given awards by Houzz, TileBar, Rochester Magazine, and more!

All of the homes that Range builds are filled with modern character and design. Each is beautifully matched to the homeowner it’s built for, which creates a great experience for every home buyer.

Let’s take a list of a few of the homes they’ve built and how they’ve incorporated reclaimed wood and other beautiful elements into the finished product.

The Farmhouse on the Prairie

Each of the homes that Range designs and builds has a hashtag (name of the property) so that you can view more pictures of the home on their Instagram account. This home’s hashtag is #thefarmhouseontheprairie.

This home was designed to be open while still leaving a very cozy feeling. The finished product did not disappoint in any way. The main living area has a huge brick fireplace with white-washed brick. The fireplace itself stretches a full 20 feet to the raised ceilings in this room. Another fantastic feature is the antique wood beams that stretch across the ceiling of this room. These beams help the room feel warmer. The fireplace mantel matches the beams pulling the room altogether.

Shiplap ceilings and a spiral staircase bring you upstairs where you’ll find some beautiful bedrooms and a gorgeous master bath with a soaker tub. Back down on the first level is a great kitchen complete with a breakfast nook. There’s a lot to love about this house, so be sure to check out the online gallery and the hashtag gallery.

The Wooded Sanctuary Home

This home is built in a beautiful wooded lot. It’s a modern home lover’s dream while still offering a beautiful and cozy getaway. There’s nothing better than a home like this one. Here’s the hashtag gallery #woodedsanctuaryhome and the online gallery.

The thing that will make this home stand out is the color palette. Throughout the home, the colors are very light with clean lines and a distinctly modern feel. The kitchen itself stands out with lighter floors, a white backsplash, white countertops, and white cabinets that are all accented by black hardware.

Other great features include a living room with a white shiplap ceiling and wood beams. A concrete stamped fireplace with built-in shelves around it are also highlights of other living spaces. From the font of the exterior, you can see a great porch and beautiful landscaping.

Coastal Farmhouse Home

Built with a coastal feel in mind, this modern farmhouse offers some beautiful coastal accents. You’ll find more images through the #mncoastalfarmhouse on Instagram and in the online gallery.

Completed just a few years ago in 2018, this farmhouse features antique doors, wide plank white oak floors, marble floors and countertops, custom collar cabinets, and a private balcony in the master bedroom. With so much to offer, it’s hard to know where to start. Some of the best and most unique features include the antique wood doors and the light blue/teal color cabinets and shelves in different places throughout the home.

In the bathrooms, you’ll find a very vintage looking style. Subway tiles line the walls, and a patterned tile is laid on the floor. The sink is mounted to the wall without a vanity, and there are two facets that run into the same large bowl. The exterior of the home and the home’s interior have sharp contrasts between black and white. When on Instagram, be sure to look for the use of our wood beams next to the fireplace.

Industrial Farmhouse

This house is stunning in every way: the fireplace, the kitchen, the open floor plan, and marble countertops. It’s jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and you can see it in the online gallery and at the hashtag #hiddencreekroject.

The first thing in this house that’d we want to bring your attention to is the master bathroom. The bathroom has a beautiful soaker tub under two windows. Other features include two vanities with gorgeous antique-style light fixtures and a beautiful walk-in tub. The flooring in this master bathroom is beautiful, as well. One of the kid’s rooms styled in a fun way kid-friendly way also has a bathroom with a double vanity and shower-tub combo attached.

The main level bathroom features gold and dark blue accents with a light countertop. The builders and designer really hit it out o the park when it comes to the bathrooms in this home. A natural stone fireplace in the main room and a dining table that sits under a beautiful chandelier complete the main level and bring it all together in a breathtaking way.

All of Range Custom homes have similar styles and tastes, but each of them stands out in its own way. The homeowner’s taste influences the final product and allows the builder to change small elements to match their preferences while still maintaining the style they do best.

We love the way their homes come together and the different ways that they incorporate beautiful reclaimed wood elements throughout their designs and final products. From wood floors to exposed wood beams, the balance of reclaimed wood in these modern farmhouse style homes is perfect.

If you’re building a home and want to include reclaimed wood in the project, be sure to reach out to us at Manomin Resawn Timbers. We’d love to be a part of your project and help you create the look that matches your dream house.