Just like the allure of building a Lego set piece by piece, Highmark Builders understands how rewarding the process of building a home from the ground up is.

Based in Savage, MN, Highmark Builders are an award-winning builder that is the complete one-stop shop when it comes to finding your new forever home.

Highmark Builders: Who Are They?

Lead by co-partners Terry Gaulrapp and Jim Moras, Highmark Builders is comprised of a large team of project development, warranty management, graphic design, design and drafting, administration and accounting, project management, field operations, and warehouse coordinator experts.

Oh, they also have their two mascots, Lola and Chloe — black and yellow labs respectively.

When it comes to standing out amongst other builders, Highmark Builders adhere to four principles.

First, they are passionate about what they do and this definitely shows in their work.

Second, they focus on a balanced design and have a full-time design and drafting staff. Highmark was one of the earliest custom builders to create that type of department — whereas many of their competitors will outsource that part of the building process.

Third, they place a lot of emphasis on the approach of the project, where they’ll listen to the client to make sure that the core design process is in-line with their vision of the home.

Last, they ensure that every one of their homes is truly custom built — unique and crafted for each client’s needs.

Highmark’s Process

Developed from their mantra of ‘custom should mean custom,’ Highmark’s process allows their clients to remain heavily involved in the building process each step of the way.

Consultation – Meeting up at the lot location to discuss architecture and get a feel for the property, as well as establish the initial budget

Architectural/Design Agreement – Setting time aside to determine the goals and scope of the project

Interior Design & Product/Material Selection – Determining what you want the inside of your home to look like, including the layout and products

Pricing – Going over payment plans and a competitive bid process with Highmark’s trusted subcontractors — as well as pricing policy and procedures

Pre-Construction – Reviewing expectations for schedule, progress, and materials selected and establishing the working relationship with the homeowner, project management, and superintendent.

Construction – Taking all the previous steps and putting them into action

Completion – Wrapping up all the little details like training sessions for appliances, maintenance overview and closing with the bank

Warranties – Going over both the State Warranty and Highmark Builders Warranty Plus

Highmark Homes: From Contemporary to Beach

Perhaps what is most impressive about Highmark Builders is their ability to keep their quality so consistent throughout all of their homes — no matter what the style of the home is.

Comparing this Minnetonka beach home with this contemporary home in Prior Lake is the perfect example of this. Despite being very different-style homes both inside and out, there is no doubt that the same careful process Highmark has created was used throughout the building of both homes.

While at first glance, the homes on their gallery are stunning, you really start to get a feel for what Highmark is truly capable of when you take a look at the small details within each home.

For example, take a look at this well-crafted timber ceiling design complete with a simple but elegant light fixture.

highmark builders timber project

Using Manomin’s Weathered Antique Timbers, Highmark was able to add this unique characteristic to this custom home. A tall order, it’s safe to say they certainly pulled it off.

Read more about this project here.

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