Transparency is a key fixture in today’s business world. Companies around the world are starting to understand the importance of being fair and honest with consumers.

Having transparent and fair values within an organization can go a long way towards helping businesses attract more consumers — who appreciate the additional insight and fairness — as well as deliver a better experience overall for their clients.

One Minnesota business that takes honesty and openness seriously is John Kraemer & Sons Custom Builders. This local Minnesota builder is one that we’ve partnered with to help deliver their incredible results for their clients.

But, aside from building and remodeling homes that impress, John Kraemer & Sons also puts their clients first by managing each one of their projects on a 100% open book basis. This means that every bid, invoice, and receipt is available for their clients to review at any time.

“We believe that full transparency is the best policy,” reads their website.

So, not only do we love working with JK & Sons because of their ability to deliver on their clients’ expectations, but they also value ensuring that their clients are treated the way they should be. And that’s also why they’re our Builder to Know today!

So, let’s get to know John Kraemer & Sons a bit better, as well as dive into some of our project collaborations.

About John Kraemer & Sons

A true sign of a solid reputation and financial stability is the fact that our builder license #BC001408 is one of the lowest in the industry today. In 40 years we have never gone out of business, reorganized, changed names, or changed owners. Our clients know that we will be around well into the future to warranty their homes and stand behind our work.” – John Kraemer

Minnesota has only one four-time Builder of the Year winner, and it’s John Kraemer & Sons. But, it’s not just the accolades that prove JK & Sons’ professionalism. They have an extensive list of client testimonials that give the full picture of what you can expect when you work with JK & Sons.

“Our experience with everyone at John Kraemer & Sons was professional, timely, and first-rate…the attention to detail was phenomenal! I would not at all hesitate to recommend this successful experience we have had,” reads one of the many, many reviews on their testimonials page.

John Kraemer & Sons is lead by Gary Kraemer and his sons, John and Jeff. In 1978, JK & Sons was founded by Gary and his late father, John.

Gary, John, and Jeff are all heavily involved in every project, meaning that their clients can rest assured knowing that they have some of the most experienced individuals in the home building industry helping them every step of the way.

Another way in which John Kraemer & Sons differentiates themselves from other home builders and remodelers is by employing all their own superintendents, project managers, and several finish carpenters. John Kraemer & Sons have the horsepower to get projects completed for their clients on time, on budget, with exceptionally high quality.

Now, let’s take a look at some of their finished homes so that you can see the results that this Minnesota home builder delivers time and time again.

John Kraemer & Sons + Manomin Resawn Timbers Hand Hewn Timbers


Imagine the dinner parties you could host in that dining room. This gorgeously designed and constructed space is the epitome of elegance and is highlighted by a pristine, long wooden table.

But, look up, and you’ll see another impressive wooden feature, our very own hand-hewn timbers.

These timbers — which started as fallen logs were then hewn, meaning to chop or cut with an ax, pick, or another tool, by adzes — are the perfect piece to add to your ceilings and add a lot of character to any space.


Above is another JK & Sons room that features our hand-hewn timbers. This room exudes warmth and comfort and the timbers help bring forth an extra sense of naturalness — as well as uniqueness — to the home. Our favorite detail, though? We love that beautiful piano right next to the windows.

JK & Son With Weathered Antique Timbers and Paneling


For a look at the versatility of JK & Sons, take a peek at this interior, featuring Manomin Resawn Timbers’ weathered antique paneling and timbers. It’s the perfect spot to hang out with friends and families while watching the big game.


Another interior with our weathered antique timbers, this extremely luxurious space still feels welcoming and inviting — which is a difficult task to take on, especially in this day and age.

All-in-all, just by looking at these snapshots, it’s easy to see why John Kraemer & Sons is one of the best in the business for home building and remodeling. Not just in Minnesota, but in the country.

How to Get in Touch With John Kraemer & Sons and MR Timbers

If you’re looking to remodel your current home or are interested in bringing your dream home to life, you can get ahold of JK & Sons by filling out this brief contact form or by calling 952-935-9100.

You can also email them a

For all your reclaimed wood needs — including timbers, paneling, mantels, and flooring — reach out to Manomin Resawn Timbers today! We love working with our clients to break down their needs and goals for their new homes and remodels. We know that in order to provide the best service for our clients, we must first get to know what they like, and what they don’t like. So, contact us today to set up a meeting, and we can discuss the goals for your upcoming project!

We look forward to having you!