Every month we cover a Minnesota builder that you should know about. This month we’re covering Great Northern Builders.

Great Northern is located in Eagan, Minnesota, and was founded in 2009. Since then, they’ve been working and building their business on “customer service, seamless management, expert trade partners, and quality workmanship to every job site.”

We’re going to highlight some of the work that they’ve done and how it has utilized reclaimed wood to make their homes full of character and life.

Nursery with Reclaimed Wood Paneling

This nursery project that Great Northern Builders did recently is incredibly inspiring. Their beautiful use of reclaimed lumber makes the room feel warm and welcoming yet rustic and unique.

Specifically, they used a dark wood with a natural finish on the exterior wall. Additionally, a ceiling pattern was put up that uses wood planks to form a grid that meets up in the center of the room where a star type lighting fixture is placed.

The beauty of this room is in the rustic feel that gives off and the masculine traits of wood and decor. Be sure to take a look at the pictures in their gallery.

Big Kitchen Overhaul

This “traditional 90’s overhaul” turned out to be one of the most beautiful reclaimed wood kitchen ideas that we’ve seen. From the hardwood flooring to the mismatched paint colors used to accent the wood, there’s nothing that’s not to like about this project.

One of our favorite elements is the wood and tile backsplashes that are used on the project. In one portion of the kitchen, a white subway tile backsplash is used with white cabinetry. On the opposite part of the kitchen, dark reclaimed wood is incorporated as the backsplash in conjunction with grey cabinets.

The third way that reclaimed wood is utilized in this project is the kitchen island. A wood-accented kitchen island is, in our opinion, the way to go! This one features the same wood that is used for the wood backsplash and gives the kitchen that perfect rustic feel.

Retail Atmosfere

It wasn’t too long ago that Great Northern Builders was working in the North Loop of Minneapolis. They built out a beautiful little storefront for the long time father and son company, Atmosfere. The building that this shop came to settle in is a “once was” warehouse. The original concrete marble floors stayed intact, and what was left was a blank slate.

Great Northern designed the space and took the use of all sorts of reclaimed items, including metal, door handles, wood, and more.

What came about is a gorgeous space that will live on in the memory of shoppers forever. Here’s the link to their gallery where they share more of the story and pictures. As you can tell from the photos, the final product here is truly out of this world good. Every element makes you feel like you’re walking into a naturally aged building. The reclaimed wood throughout this project has a way of making the clothing items throughout the store, come to life.

Exposed Wood Porch

In this project, they call Porch Life, a front entryway on an 80’s house was given a beautiful facelift. This house just needed to increase it’s curb appeal a bit in order to live up to its potential value. The finished product? A genuinely incredible front porch that is so much more than just a statement and is sure to improve this home’s curb appeal. This porch is the perfect place to enjoy mornings or evenings in the summer, sit down with guests, or a good book.

The elements that really make this space pop are the reclaimed wood surfaces and the stone pillars. Reclaimed wood is used on the ceiling of the overhang giving the entire space a warm feeling. The fixture in the middle of the ceiling is a perfect complement to this wood. Additionally, reclaimed wood beams offer a statement as you drive up to the house.

The last part that we should point out is the rounded staircase and brick path. The contrast in colors offered by both of these elements against the greyish-green siding brings your attention right towards the beams. The front door is also framed with a golden reclaimed wood. You should check out these pictures.

Finding Reclaimed Wood

If you like what you’ve seen in the linked galleries, then you should look into using reclaimed wood on your home improvement. Finding reclaimed wood can some times be a challenge, but lucky for you, reclaimed wood is what MR Timbers does best! You can schedule a visit to our showroom, view our gallery of past reclaimed wood projects, or reach out to us with any questions. We’re always happy to help and are posting new content on our blog all the time.

We hope that you can build your reclaimed wood dream home with us!