Your home is full of details, features, and possessions that make it truly your home.Not only this, but your home is full of memories.Memories of your family growing up there. Memories of neighbors and friends coming over. Memories of good times. And memories of bad times.

How’s the saying go, again? You can’t have the good without the bad.

Your home is unique to you, and no one else.

But, every now and then we need to switch things up. Whether it’s our wardrobe, car, the music we listen to, or our home—starting anew and going through a refresh is a great way to bring some newfound life into your… well, life.

Take a look around your home when you get a chance. There are probably many elements that you really love. But, there are also some that maybe feel a little outdated or could use some upkeeping.

Today, we’re going to be discussing an oft-neglected part of the interior—the walls. Whether it’s a new material or simply slapping on a new coat of paint or a different color altogether, changing up your walls is a great way to keep everything you love about your home while hitting the refresh button on the mood, tone, and feeling of your home.

If you may be thinking of changing things with your interior walls, then we have the perfect solution for you—reclaimed wood paneling.

You might be thinking, wait? wood paneling? I don’t think my home is a good fit for that.

Keep reading to find out why it might actually be the opposite, and that your home may actually be the perfect fit!

So, without further delay, let’s breakdown why reclaimed wood wall paneling is a great option for anyone and everyone.

Reclaimed Wood: What the Benefits Are

Reclaimed wood provides many benefits to homes. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider reclaimed wood paneling for your interior walls.

Environmentally Friendly

Sustainability is a hot topic these days—and for good reason. It stands to reason that by using reclaimed lumber—which has been sourced from old buildings, ships, factories, barns, and more—you can reduce the demand for newly sourced wood. As a result, you assist in cutting back on deforestation.

According to Elemental Green, reclaimed wood is a renewable resource, “that reduces landfill waste, as well as the use of environmental hazards to manufacture new products. They go on to cite how it’s better for the environment to install an engineered reclaimed wood floor than it is to install petroleum-based carpeting.

The same can be said of your wall, where you can substitute harmful paint toxins for beautiful, clean refurbished reclaimed wood.

Quality and Durability

You wouldn’t expect decades-old wood to be more durable than new wood, but that is the honest truth. Here’s why.

Reclaimed wood is from buildings, ships, and barns that were built 50 – 100 years ago. During this time, the trees had been slowly maturing in the forest for several hundred years before being harvested. Because they were given so much time to grow, they become very durable and that durability still holds up today.

New wood, on the other hand, is often sourced from managed forests that are harvested and replanted at much younger ages.

Another reason for the additional stability of reclaimed wood is the fact this type of wood contains a low amount of moisture. While all wood naturally contains moisture, recycled wood has already had decades of exposure to temperature and moisture variation.

Get Exotic

If you wanted exotic wood in your home but understand the ramifications of sourcing new, exotic wood on the environment, then reclaimed wood is for you. Reclaimed wood is a great way to achieve the wood walls you’ve always wanted without the guilt of sourcing new exotic wood.

Adds Warmth to the Home

You’d be hard-pressed to find a homeowner who doesn’t think that creating a sense of warmth is an important detail for their house.

Take a look at the image below, which includes wall paneling that we provided for this home.

Summer cabin interior Notice how despite the fact that the rest of the interior is predominantly white, the wood paneling helps bring life to this living room. Imagine for a second that the wood paneling is gone and instead replaced by another white wall. It would make the room feel cold and isolated. But, with the paneling, the warmth is definitely there.

While this next image isn’t a home—it’s a prAna store that we helped bring to life—it is a great example of how reclaimed wood wall paneling can work well even within a room that already has plenty of warm tones.

Even though there is already wood flooring, the paneling still adds a lot to this particular section of the store—especially because of the unique colors and tones of the paneling (It’s our Prana Wood, in case you were curious).

History For the Modern Home

If the reasons listed above don’t convince you to invest in wood paneling for your home, then maybe this one will (at least for the history buffs reading this).

There is no denying the historical significance that reclaimed wood possesses and you can bring home a piece of history and actually make it a permanent feature of your home.

Imagine being able to tell your guests that the beautiful wood paneling in your home dates back decades and may have been a part of an old ship or factory during the industrial revolution. I mean, who needs dinner table small talk topics when you can just sit and stare in wonderment of your reclaimed wood wall all evening? We kid, of course. But the point remains—reclaimed wood is the ultimate detail to include in your home.

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