We’re back with Minnesota Builder To Know! This month we’ll be featuring Dotty Brothers of Brainerd Minnesota.

Dotty Brothers have been serving the Brainerd area for over 25 years and have worked hard to build a solid reputation. Their motto is “our reputation is built.” From their website: “Since 1994, Dotty Brothers’ reputation has been built by putting our design/build prowess to use building one-of-a-kind, showcase homes on outstanding properties.”

Dotty Brothers doesn’t mess around when it comes to building beautiful Brainerd area homes and cabins for families to enjoy getting away from the business of city living. They are also a certified green builder, which means that they care and give back to the communities that they’re a part of.

Let’s check out some of the amazing things they’ve built!

Exterior Design

Check out their exterior gallery here!

Throughout most of the homes that dotty brothers build, you’ll notice a cabin type feel. This rings especially true because of the components they use for the exterior of the home. Log or exposed wood siding is very common among all of their exterior designs. Real stone is also a material that they favor for its durability and aesthetic appeal. Many of the homes they build are lake homes and look beautiful, sitting just off the water.


While not every build that Dotty Brothers completes will include landscaping, they do offer landscaping design as a service to some of their clientele. Most of the landscaping projects they have completed consist of large boulder retaining walls to create flower and shrub beds. Another element they often incorporate is pavers for laying walkways around the home or to other areas such as gazebos, fireplaces, or detached garages.

You’ll notice that the landscaping draws attention to the entryways of the homes and complements the architecture of the roof lines. This is a great way to make the homes feel larger and more unique. Each entryway is slightly different from the other. Some have stonework with large front doors, while others step up to a deck that wraps its way around the front of the house.


Each home that dotty brothers build is completely customized. The home is designed through the collaboration of both the customer and the designer and then executed by the construction team. When looking through their interior gallery, you’ll notice that no one house looks like the other. Some use open floor plans; some are more intimate feeling, some use darker woods, others lighter. The possibilities are endless when you’re working with a design-build company like Dotty Brothers.

Reclaimed Wood

Amidst the beauty demonstrated by all of their homes, you’ll notice that there are many elegant wood features on the inside of the home as well. Not all but many of these elements are made from reclaimed wood. Because Dotty Brothers is a green builder, they do their best to build homes from sustainable materials. Reclaimed wood is a great way to do that.

Not only can reclaimed wood be a beautiful addition to any home, but it also adds character that other woods aren’t able to add. Other woods might be a beautiful tone or color, but reclaimed wood tells a story of where it’s been and what it’s previous life was like. Dotty Brothers understands this and prides itself on using reclaimed wood products.

Fireplaces and Other Focal Points

Another element that Dotty Brothers loves to use is stone or other similar types of indoor fireplaces. These fireplaces serve as the perfect focal points in many different rooms. But the company doesn’t stop at that, many of the homes they build have custom focal points throughout. Coat racks, bookshelves, wine racks, bars, display cases, and custom cabinetry are just some of the things they’ve used as focal points to wow their homeowners and each person that walks into a home that they’ve built.


Choosing the material you use for things like cabinets, flooring, and countertops can all be difficult. You’ll have to understand durability, reliability, and budget. Dotty Brothers are willing to walk through each material needed to construct your home and help you understand all aspects of selecting the item that you do. That includes the cabinetry that you’re looking to install.

Cabinetry can be one of the hardest items to decide on because there are so many variations and styles. You could choose exposed wood, painted, or a mixture of both. Something that has become increasingly popular is mixing light and dark colors by having lighter cabinets above and darker cabinets below. This construction company is going to be there to help you make the tough decisions.

Guest Houses and Other Outdoor Structures

One factor often overlooked by construction companies is the outdoor structures used to enjoy the area where the home is built. Many of the Dotty Brothers homes have outdoor gazebos, decks, and other patio type structures. When you’re building a home in Brainerd, you’re going to want some sort of area to enjoy the beautiful summer days and the gorgeous fall colors.

A guest house is also worth considering when you’re building a dream house. There is plenty that goes into creating a dream home, so why not add a guest house for your friends and family to spend time with you over the holidays. If you are building your home on a lake, you’re sure to have guests who’d love to spend a weekend with you. Having a space outside your home will allow them to enjoy everything about your beautiful home while still giving you the privacy that you like.

Dotty Brothers is a premier builder in the Brainerd area and is sure to get the job done right every time if you’re in the area and to look to build a home reach out to them to get started on a dream home that is sure to meet all of your expectations.