Hey there folks, and welcome back to another installment of the Minnesota Builder to Know series! Today, we’re going to be talking about Wes Hanson Builders of Crosslake, Minnesota.

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Wes Hanson Builders have been around for a while now (since 1986!), which makes them one of the most trusted home builders in the area. We’ll be breaking down what’s at the core of their building philosophy, as well as some of their most beautiful homes to date. Let’s get started!

About Wes Hanson Builders

So, we’ve already established that Wes Hanson Builders has been a player in the Minnesota home building industry for over 30 years, but how have they been able to deliver such quality results for such a long time?

Well, it all started when Wes Hanson started the company in Bloomington, where he was able to establish his home building company as one of the finest in terms of quality of design and construction. However, Wes always had a desire to move his company to lake country, and that’s exactly what he did.

With the help of his son Todd Hanson and his nephews Tom Hanson and Brad Mytling, they moved Wes Hanson Builders to Crosslake, where it is based out of today. Together, with Wes’s wife Marylyn running the office, the family team was able to successfully enter this new market, where they are known as one of the most highly respected, sought-after, and recommended general contracting companies today.

At the heart of their success are the core building philosophies they adhere to.

First, they create homes that aren’t only built to last, but built for the homeowners with their specific needs in mind.

From their website:

“Your home is more than just an address. It’s more than a place to lay your head. Your home is where your family’s memories are made, now and for generations to come. So why build your home to match someone else’s dream?”

A key part of building a custom home is ensuring that it is in-line with what the entire family that will live in the home needs and wants. Wes Hanson Builders does this better than many other home builders. They take the time to get to know their clients and how they can bring a sense of unique character and individuality to every aspect of the home.

In addition to creating homes that are high quality and architecture that is truly one of a kind, Wes Hanson Builders prides itself on working with some of the most talented carpenters. After all, you’ll need skilled craftsmen to be able to pull off some of their more audacious home builds.

Wes Hanson Builders has a team of more than 50 on-staff carpenters. This means that they’ve built a great relationship with their carpenters, allowing for a more streamlined process where communication is constantly flowing from the homeowner, to designer, to craftsmen. This is not something that many builders can claim, as many use contractors, not in-house carpenters.

From their website:

“We choose the best, most experienced carpenters for our team of builders so you can rest easy knowing trustworthy, elite craftsmen are constructing your home every step of the way.”

Wes Hanson Builders Homes to Check Out

Wes Hanson Builders have many, many excellent homes to marvel at. Here are just a few of them!

North Shore Retreat

Link to gallery

Starting this list off with a bang, this North Shore Retreat is truly something to admire. Whether it’s the brilliant use of wood throughout the home’s exterior and interior, or the sheer size of the retreat, it is certainly one of the most impressive homes you’ll find in the state.

With a bowling alley, movie theater, and bedrooms galore, this home never feels too big. The warmth created by the use of wood helps to create an intimate setting despite the size.

Cottage on Crooked

Link to gallery

This cottage home is absolutely enchanting to look at, especially from the backyard view that features a gorgeous window design. Take a look at how the porch is neatly tucked into the side of the home, like the last piece on a puzzle.

With an interior that emphasizes the use of lighter-toned woods, the result is a crisp, clean, modern finish that will delight the homeowners and guests alike each time they enter the home. To say that we absolutely adore this home would probably be an understatement.

Horseshoe Haven

Link to gallery

Switching things up a little bit, we have this modern contemporary home that uses the warmth of wood and the neutral flavors of grey to create a modern aesthetic on the exterior. The interior uses blues throughout, which plays of the more neutral interior elements perfectly to create a very homey, playful inside.

Northern Coastal

Link to gallery

Similar to the Horsehoe Haven in terms of creating a fun interior, the Northern Coastal home looks like the perfect place to raise a family. Make sure to take a look at the unique characteristics the home possesses, which are indications of just how custom Wes Hanson homes can be.

No matter which room you look at, there are colorful accents throughout. The oven in the kitchen is hot pink, the door in front of the home is blue, and green and blue cabinets can be seen throughout as well. This is truly one of the more fun homes you will see out there.

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