Perhaps what is most impressive about this month’s Minnesota Builder to Know — Ispiri — is how they’ve managed to not only be one of the top design and build firms in the area, but they also offer exceptional landscaping and renew services.

While some home builders who offer landscaping services as well may struggle in terms of quality across both areas, Ispiri is a top-notch provider for both. And their renew skills should not be overlooked either.

Let’s dig into what makes Ispiri such a great option for those looking to touch-up their homes, build a completely new home, or bring their landscaping dreams to life.

About Ispiri

Ispiri — which is Italian for inspire — has a knack for renovating older homes and bringing them up-to-date for the current residents. This includes listening to their clients intently to figure out what their needs and wants are for their home.

Take a look at their impressive gallery to see for yourself!

Jason Fabio is the owner of Ispiri, who explains on their website that the design and build team at Ispiri, “…believe(s) that residential spaces set the stage for life. A home is where children learn to walk, friends gather together and families reach milestones. The environment in which we live has a tremendous impact on our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Every Ispiri team member understands what renovation projects mean to our customers. We will make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with your home renovation…”

You can see why so many homeowners trust the talented folks at Ispiri to help bring new life to their homes.

Not Just Inside… But Outside

As mentioned, Ispiri is much more than a renovation provider. They also have the ability to dramatically improve your landscaping as well.

Perhaps the project that exemplifies this the most is this “Any Occasion Backyard” in Woodbury.

And when they say any occasion, they mean it.

There is plenty of space for relaxing, so space will never feel cramped. There is also a full kitchen for outdoor cooking, and the landscaping around the backyard is nothing to sneeze at either.

The residents of this home were clearly intent on creating a space where they could host large gatherings for adults and kids alike, and boy did Ispiri help deliver on that goal.

Relaxing in the Master Suite and Bath

You deserve to have spaces in your home that make you feel pampered. With Ispiri, you can treat yourself without having to go to the spa by creating a gorgeous master suite and bath.

This Stillwater master suite and bathroom is a great example.

A simple style that is extremely functional, this space still achieves the luxurious characteristics that one expects from a master suite. With this minimalistic design, this new master bath expresses a sense of spa-like luxury and is tailored to their personal lifestyles. There is no doubt that for those homeowners, every morning is a great morning when they’re waking up in that environment.

Design Showrooms to Inspire

Ispiri has two wonderful showrooms that you can visit if you’re interested in renovating your home, but aren’t exactly sure what you want yet.

First, they have their Woodbury location, which features some of the stunning design options, such as their fully functional gourmet kitchen with professional-grade appliances, as well as their design center which will help you find the features that resonate with you the most.

Next, they have their Edina showroom, which is located in the famous 50th and France District.

Similar to their Woodbury showroom, the Edina location features large displays that showcase our design capabilities and detailed craftsmanship.

While all Ispiri projects are unique to each home, their showrooms provide a great opportunity for you to see which home features are trending, as well as which home renovations continue to remain a timeless choice.

For more information on Ispiri, you can contact them via their website’s contact page.

Consider Reclaimed Wood For Your Next Home Project

Reclaimed wood is not only one of the most sustainable materials you can use for your home, but there is also a large variety of styles — so you’ll have no trouble finding the right fit for your home and taste preferences.

Whether it’s mantels, paneling, flooring, or timbers, here at Manomin Resawn Timbers, we offer it all.

For examples of some of the outstanding projects we’ve been a part of, take a look at our blog!

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