Rustic siding has long been a coveted look by homeowners, but its popularity has reached new heights in recent years. There is a wide assortment of rustic siding options to choose from when picking the look that works for you.

Far from limiting you to standard board-and-batten, you can make your siding as ornate or simple as you prefer. Read on for your primary rustic siding options and 10 creative examples to inspire any homeowner, and if you find some siding examples you like the look of, perhaps you could have a look at siding installation companies like Lakeside Renovation & Design and others and see if they’re able to accommodate your design request!

Fiber Cement

The first thing you might think of when you hear the term rustic siding is weathered wood shingles. However, this old-school siding is not only vulnerable to insects and corrosion but requires a lot of work on the part of the homeowner for upkeep.

If you want the cozy look of rustic siding without the hassle of wood shingles, fiber cement siding could be a strong contender.

Fiber cement siding is Portland cement, cellulose fiber, and sand. Siding professionals mix the fiber cement in a mold before installing it on the exterior of your house, so the final result can have any style you prefer, such as rustic elements.

You can use fiber cement to give any look and design you want to your home while enjoying the longevity and low upkeep you wouldn’t get with a choice like wood shingles.

Board-and-Batten Siding

If you want to keep things entirely traditional with your rustic siding, you can opt for board-and-batten installation for a chic farmhouse or rustic cottage look.

The board-and-batten style uses wide planks and textured battens that enhance the visual style of your home, making it look like your very own ski lodge.

Cedar-Look Shingles

Cedar-look shingles are also a fantastic rustic siding option. These shingles are made from fiber cement, giving you the same look as a regular cedar shingle, but with more resilience and less upkeep required.

You can purchase cedar-look shingles with both smooth and jagged edges so you can decide just how rustic you want your home to look.

Pro-Tip: Install single cedar-look shingles in different sizes for an extra rustic appearance.

Rustic Modern Siding

If you’d rather not have to choose between a modern look and a rustic exterior, rustic modern gives you the best of both worlds. You can achieve a rustic-chic look by combining architectural panels and shiplap planks on your home’s exterior.

The look still offers clean, unobtrusive lines while providing eye-catching textures.

10 Creative Rustic Siding Examples to Inspire

To help you decide which rustic siding option is best for you, we have 10 creative examples to inspire your imagination. They are:

  • Dutch Lap Siding
  • Shakes and Shingles Siding
  • Vertical Siding
  • Channel Lap Siding
  • Log Siding
  • Tongue and Groove Siding
  • Decorative Siding
  • Aged Steel Siding
  • Repainting Steel Siding
  • Reclaimed Wood Siding

Let’s take a closer look.

Dutch Lap Siding

Dutch lap siding is a traditional rustic siding option that you can use to cover all sides of your home or combine it with other existing shingles for a customized look. The wood lapped siding works well with any decor style you might have, making it a trendy choice for homeowners across the country.

Shakes and Shingles Siding

If you are unconcerned with the higher upkeep required with shakes and shingles siding, this rustic siding option is a classic choice.

You can purchase shingles in any shape and measurement you desire. Most homeowners prefer irregular or straight edged shingles.

Plus, you can pick shingles to replace your current siding completely or only particular areas. So, if you want to add rustic elements to your home without doing a complete exterior remodel, this is an excellent way to go.

Remember, if you select cedar shakes or shingles, your siding will be more vulnerable to rot, insects, excess moisture, mold, and blow off. These siding choices are also much more complicated and expensive to preserve and replace.

If you want the look of cedar shakes without the cost and worry, consider going with synthetic options like the fiber cement we mentioned previously. It comes down to the look you want and how much work you’re willing to put into upkeep.

Wood shingles are much more time consuming to maintain, but you will not be able to enjoy the same effect of aged cedar with synthetic materials like fiber cement.

Vertical Siding

Vertical rustic siding gives a classic lodge feel and adds interest to any home. It is an ideal pick for barn style, beach, or country properties, but it fits in well with any home style. Vertical siding pairs well with lap panels, so you can make your own, unique design that is unparalleled.

If you don’t want to make too heavy a commitment to rustic siding, you can even use vertical planks as accent pieces to take your current siding up a notch.

One massive upside for vertical planks is that they fortify your siding against weather elements and rot. You can have your siding installed diagonally or horizontally, so the overlapping style offers an extra barrier for your home.

beautiful blue and white home with channel lap rustic siding

Channel Lap Siding

If you want to embrace rustic siding fully, channel lap siding could be the choice for you. This rugged, rustic look features an irregular texture with a 1/2-inch overlap and 1 – 1 1/4 inch panels, giving a converging effect.

You can pick from a wide selection of woods with channel lap siding like cedar, cypress, and pine. You can also decide whether you want the planks installed horizontally or vertically. Boards typically range in size from 6 to 10 feet in length.

Not only that, they are simple to install and eco-friendly.

Log Siding

If you’ve always dreamed of living in a log cabin, logs are a fantastic rustic siding option. The wood logs are attractive to the eye while still being durable. As with other wood materials, you will still have to spend more time, money, and energy in upkeep.

You don’t have to paint the logs, but you need to stain them for fortification against harsh weather conditions, termites, and moisture. If properly maintained, your log siding could last for a century or more.

Tongue and Groove Siding

Our next rustic siding option is tongue and groove siding, which involves fitting board edges together to make a uniform surface. If you prefer contemporary or traditional vibes mixed with rustic elements, tongue and groove siding is an excellent choice.

Tongue and groove siding is easily customized, depending on how the boards are installed to fit against each other. V-groove styles using horizontal siding is trendy, but you can install the siding diagonally or vertically too.

Tongue and groove rustic siding uses knotty or clear grade wood boards, costing about $2.00-$16.00 per square foot. Pine boards cost the least but are also more vulnerable to wear and tear.

Decorative Siding

If you want to spice up your rustic siding look, go for decorative siding with wood shingles. Decorative siding is a standard fixture for Tudor and Victorian-type homes, but it fits in well with more traditional or modern designs too.

Decorative shingles come in hexagonal, round, half, or customized shapes and sizes. They are well suited to dormers, near windows, gable ends, entryways, or any other place you want to highlight notable features on your home’s exterior.

Reclaimed wood paneled wall; rustic siding options

Reclaimed Wood Siding

If you like the idea of rustic wood siding, but want a higher-quality, more durable grain, reclaimed wood siding is a beautiful choice. Reclaimed wood is first-growth wood, so the materials have stabilized in the air for centuries, cut from ancient trees.

If you’re interested in using reclaimed wood for your home, then reach out to Manomin Resawn Timbers, the premier reclaimed wood distributor in the Midwest. Check out our reclaimed wood options, for wood walls and ceiling paneling, as well as our timber selection.