Exposed wood walls easily become a focal point in any room. Because of this, it can often be difficult to decorate. Here at MR Timbers, we love wood walls, and we love decorating and seeing them in action.

Whether you’ve been dreaming of a house with wood walls, are in the middle of a construction project currently, or just moved into a house with some beautiful exposed wood, we’ve got you covered.

Today we’re giving you 7 easy pro tips for decorating with wood walls. Let’s dive in and see what we can learn!

Identify the Tone of Wood

Before we get too far, you’ll need to identify the tone of your wood. Sometimes it’s painted, sometimes it has a clear natural coat, and other times it can be stained or tinted. Whatever you prefer, it’s critical that you match the decore in the room to the color or tone of the wood. This is just the same as if you’re matching the furniture you choose for your home to the color of paint on the walls.

After you’ve identified the tone, you can decide how you’d like to accent or offset it. Let’s see those pro tips!

#1 Decide on Your Focal Point

No matter what room you’re decorating, there has to be a focal point. It’s all too easy to have lots going and, instead of style, chaos becomes the theme. When decorating with wood walls, it’s important that you recognize how much of a focal point wood walls are. In many modern homes, it’s common to have white or other neutral color walls. In those situations, it’s more common for the furniture or wall decor to become the focal point.

You might notice that more neutral wood walls can act similar to neutral painted wood walls, but if your wood is darker, that’s completely different.

Dark wood, most often stained, quickly becomes the focal point in most rooms. Because of this, everything from the flooring to the furniture needs to match or be intentionally placed to complement those darker walls.

#2 Use Stone and Tile to Add Different Elements


One downside of wood is that it can feel boring and one dimensional. A great way to change that is to add stone or tile elements to the space. A tile floor or a very clean and modern tile backsplash in a bathroom both will work really well to break up some of the wood and help it not to seem too aggressive.

Another element you might consider is a stone fireplace. Something that seems to be most common in lake homes or cabins but that can also provide a beautiful focal point in other homes as well. Check out some of these inspiring stone fireplace ideas!

#3 Dress Up the Kitchen

Kitchen with wood flooring and wood accents

Adding to the idea of using stone and tile throughout the house, is dressing up the kitchen. A kitchen with natural or exposed wood can feel really busy while seeming somewhat plain at the same time. One of the best ways to get away from that is to add in a backsplash or choose countertops that specifically enhance the wood features. One of the most popular colors of countertops to pair with wood is white. White comes highly recommended because of the direct contrast that it creates. Don’t forget to look into different types of backsplashes.

Kitchens have become the center point in homes, so don’t be afraid to make it bold, but be sure that you really love it. It’s going to be a place in your home that you spend a lot of time.

#4 Change How You Accent

All too often, people with wood walls or ceilings feel like they have to decorate their home like a log cabin. Instead of assuming that you have to use accents that you don’t like, use boho or other modern feels. Choosing accents that fit your style and work with the tone of the wood you have can completely change the look and feel of your space.

This is a great reminder, especially if you’re beginning to feel like your sick of the wood. Don’t give up just yet; try changing some of your accents.

#5 Don’t Overdo It

Installing wood panels on walls or ceilings is no easy task. So, before you add them to every area of your house, consider starting small. Add them to your ceilings in just one room and then see if you still love it and could imagine it on the walls as well. While, no doubt, wood is a timeless add on, it can still feel overwhelming if it’s overdone.

You can think this way before you remove it as well. If you feel like it’s just a little too much, try taking just some of it off instead of all of it. That way, if you can find a happy medium, you won’t have to do all of the work to take it all down, and you’ll be able to save some money.

#6 Wood Panel Accents

reclaimed wood mantel above warm fireplace

At first, when you think of a wood wall, you might think of a wall that’s only wood. No drywall or sheetrock. Just a wood wall. Yes, that is sometimes the case, but another thing that’s really popular is using wood panels as accents.

Space the wood out, perhaps six to 12 inches apart instead of tight together. Then, you can paint between the boards with an accent color. A color such as white or blue works really well for this. Don’t be afraid to get creative with it. Sometimes people choose to create patterns and different shapes that can turn out really well. The key is to keep it simple and to understand what the focal point of the room is going to be.

Don’t forget about the wood panel accent wall that you could add to your home. it doesn’t have to take an entire room, instead just one wall can be a really nice addition.

#7 Keep the Wood Natural

At some point, pallet walls became an increasingly popular thing. Not just because the material was easy to get ahold of, but also because people really like the natural colors and aging of the wood. Pallet walls often have a lot of character and can be the perfect focal point in your home.

Instead of staining or painting your wood, consider keeping it natural. A pallet ceiling can bring a lot of character to a home. The best part about adding it to a ceiling is that it adds a great accent to a sometimes boring element in a home. There’s really only so many things you can do with a ceiling! Give this idea a try if you’re looking for something really special and different.

Check out this article for some more ideas on wood panel ceilings!

Where to Find the Wood

We just mentioned pallets as a great option for adding wood to your walls or ceilings. But where do you find the wood if you’re looking for something that’s more polished and specific? A great place to look is MR Timbers. We offer all different types of reclaimed wood for projects of all shapes and sizes. We’re also always up to talk wood with you if you have any questions about the different types of wood we offer.

From flooring, timbers, and tabletops to mantels and doors, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to learn more and receive a free quote!