Reclaimed wood is undeniably beautiful and makes for a stunning addition to any setting, but this unique flooring option can benefit your home in many ways beyond being merely eye-catching. At Manomin Resawn Timbers, we are proud to offer antique wooden treasures that will help you to create the reclaimed wood flooring of your dreams.

Whether you’re looking for a personalized flooring solution for your dining room, kitchen, living area, bedroom, or whole house, reclaimed wood makes for a compelling addition to any home. We currently offer 13 reclaimed wood varieties; so it doesn’t matter if you’re a home builder, remodeling contractor, or homeowner, you’re sure to find the perfect reclaimed flooring for your next project at Manomin.

Reclaimed Floors are Eco-Friendly

To some, the most attractive aspect of reclaimed wood is its eco-friendly nature. Millions of trees are cut down in the U.S. each year with billions of others falling across the globe in the same span of time. When you utilize reclaimed wood in your renovation or construction project you’re helping to stop this cycle. Due to the rate of deforestation, some woods have become hard to source on the traditional market, but when using reclaimed wood, a larger variety of wood types will be available to you.

At Manomin, we offer reclaimer antique ash, elm, oak, chestnut, douglas fir, and black walnut as well as mixed hardwoods, weathered antique softwood mixtures, and antique end-grain wood tiles. The aged nature of these woods gives the finished product a distinct finish that cannot be matched by modern flooring options.

To preserve the eco-friendly value of our reclaimed wood flooring, we use all natural methods when treating our wood prior to sale and installation. Our three-part treatment system ensures your flooring will last a lifetime once installed. The process starts with de-nailing which is conducted using the same high powered metal detectors wands used at the security checkpoints in airports, as well as various tools we’ve come to rely on after years of de-nailing experience. Next, come the kiln drying. By using large, powerful kilns, we dry our lumber until it reaches its ideal equilibrium moisture content so that your flooring will stand strong against wear and tear and the elements. It is this process that also eliminates any bugs or larvae in the wood. Lastly, our skilled team of woodworking craftsmen utilizes specialized tools to craft our one-of-a-kind boards. Our process is all natural, just the way we like it.

Reclaimed Hardwood is Durable

When using reclaimed wood, you’re utilizing a living, breathing part of history. We source our reclaimed wood from old barns and factories primarily built between the 18th-20th century. The wood we bring in has already undergone years of natural tempering and weathering. These planks have gone through years of expanding and contracting to reach a point of being completely dried out. With matured wood being more durable and less prone to splitting or splintering, the dense grain of these pieces of the past makes our reclaimed wood planks strong enough to stand up to any environmental challenge. If Hardwood Floor Refinishing Contractors have fitted this flooring in your home, it doesn’t tend to need much more attention due to these factors, just as long as you generally look after it!


As mentioned above, the signature style of reclaimed wood is captivating. No two pieces will ever be identical. And since planks are made from aged, old-growth wood, they can be fashioned into wider planks then today’s modern hardwood floors can be. Reclaimed wood carries with itself a visual map of the past. From original saw markings and nail marks to wormholes and peg holes, any one piece of reclaimed wood can tell a thousand tales.

With a broad range of natural color options, you can find the perfect reclaimed wood flooring at Manomin. Take your pick between earthy warm brown tones or antiqued honeyed hues. Each variety of wood offers an exquisite and exclusive tone. If you wish for a multi-toned flooring solution, then one of our mixed hardwoods may be the right fit for you. Not matter which reclaimed wood flooring you decide to go with, one thing is for sure; it will be the center of attention for all who enter.

Customize with Reclaimed Hardwood Floor

With most flooring options, there are only a few preselected customizations available to you when ordering pieces for your project. You may possibly be able to choose the color of your boards, but other than that you’re pretty limited. With reclaimed wood, you have the availability to decide what you want the length, width, and style of your boards to be. Want floors that are more heavily veined or wormy? Not a problem. One of the most interesting qualities of reclaimed wood is its origin story, and with that detailed and lengthy history comes ingrained and distinctive markings that machines just aren’t able to replicate in modern woods.

Find Your Perfect Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring with Manomin

When it comes time to redo the flooring in your next project, we hope that you’ll consider Manomin for your reclaimed hardwood flooring needs. To us, reclaiming old lumber is about much more than tearing boards out of old buildings. We maintain such high standards for our wood because we know that it will result in the best, most beautiful outcome for you and your project. Let us help you find the perfect reclaimed flooring solution for your next project today.