Finding A Moisture Balance

You may have heard of “kiln drying” or “wood drying” for all types of lumber. When reclaimed wood is to be used for a flooring or paneling project, the wood must be dried to an equilibrium moisture content, which is the balance between the moisture content of the wood itself and the relative humidity of its environment. This process ensures that the reclaimed wood stays in optimum shape for any project, and won’t crack or dry out.

Speed And Quality Wood Drying

When this process is done naturally, small pieces of wood can take up to 6 months to get to their equilibrium moisture content! Kiln drying speeds up this process without compromising the quality of the reclaimed wood. Mr Timbers uses this process in a carefully monitored environment to ensure the perfect moisture content.

Heat Treating Wood For Insects

Mr Timbers takes the extra step with kiln drying by also heat treating the reclaimed wood to make sure that there are no bugs or larvae in any of the wood. This heat treating process is a safe and healthier alternative to harsh chemical fumigation processes that can infuse into the wood. The entire process is controlled for the best results without sacrificing the quality of the reclaimed wood.