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Reclaimed Wood Desks: Options & Styles Compared (2021)

A reclaimed wood desk can be a great addition to any home office space. They offer a beautiful change of pace from traditional desks, and they're a sustainable way to have a beautiful wood desk. This guide will help you find different desk options, styles, and places that you can purchase them from. Reclaimed Wood [...]

Reclaimed Wood Ottoman Guide: Style Tips + Where To Get One

A reclaimed wood ottoman can make a huge impact in making your home and living areas unique. But, finding the right one to fit your style is tricky sometimes. We're here to help you find the right reclaimed wood ottoman for your home and how to style it in the living room. Reclaimed wood is [...]

Finding the Best Reclaimed Wood Chairs For Your Home

Ideas and inspiration on reclaimed wood furniture aren't hard to come by at all. It can even feel overwhelming when you are finally looking for that perfect piece of furniture. With so many different stores and places to look for ideas, this blog post should help you find clarity around your next purchase of reclaimed [...]

Reclaimed Wood Chandelier Inspiration & Design Ideas

A reclaimed wood chandelier is a stunning way to make your home feel more rustic and cozy. Whether you are looking for just one reclaimed wood chandelier or plan on using multiple chandeliers, there are several places they can hang in your home. Today we're breaking down some ideas and examples of how you can [...]

Reclaimed Wood Bench Options & Inspiration

There are several uses for benches throughout a home. Whether you use one to sit in the entryway for help getting your shoes on or bench seating around the dining table, you'll surely love having a reclaimed wood bench in your home. The best part about a high-quality reclaimed wood option is that you'll be [...]

Benefits Of A Reclaimed Wood Bed (Inspiration)

The aesthetic, durability, and uniqueness are just a few of the benefits of having a reclaimed wood bed frame. Some other benefits include higher quality, better for the environment, and fewer chemicals in your home. At Manomin Resawn Timbers, we believe that there are a number of furniture pieces that just look and function better [...]

18 Popular Types Of Reclaimed Wood Furniture You Can Get Today!

Reclaimed wood furniture can add a lot to any room and any home. It comes with a huge advantage to interior designers and homeowners that are looking for unique pieces for their home. Because each piece of reclaimed wood is entirely unique, a home's interior is able to experience a completely fresh look that no [...]

Reclaimed Wood Headboard: Design Options & Inspiration

There's nothing better than a beautiful wood headboard. What’s not to love about the warm elements and inviting features that are accompanied by it? If you've been thinking of buying a wood headboard, you might have also considered purchasing a reclaimed wood headboard. There are a few different ways that you can go about purchasing [...]

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table: Where To Get One & What To Look For

Reclaimed wood adds lots of character to any space and truly any home. But, to be a great reclaimed wood piece and not just another table in your home, you’ll have to work hard to find the perfect piece. Today we’ll walk you through reclaimed wood coffee tables, where to get them, how to build [...]