Our Antique Oak Reclaimed Wood Paneling Boasts Historic Character.

Manomin Antique Oak reclaimed wood paneling is milled from a mix of red and white oak barn wood that comes from various planks that were once part of the barn. The antique oak wood has a rich patina that comes only from antique wood. The red oak gives a warm hue to the reclaimed wood paneling, while the white oak gleams with gold tones to give the duo a whimsical color scheme. Our Antique Oak reclaimed wood paneling is available planed smooth or skip planed – the more popular choice. Skip planing allows us to gently mill off a small portion of the mill marks that were originally made from giant saw blades more than 100 years ago, leaving a distressed, aged look to the reclaimed wood paneling.

Antique oak reclaimed wood bar


Antique oak reclaimed wood paneling

Antique oak reclaimed wood table

antique oak skip planed ceiling