Douglas Fir Rough Sawn Reclaimed Wood Flooring Transforms Texture.

For those who like an even more rough and rustic look to wood flooring, our Manomin Rustic Rough Sawn reclaimed wood flooring is the ideal choice. Like our Lodge Floor reclaimed wood flooring, this flooring is milled from centuries-old Douglas Fir wood reclaimed from industrial buildings and bridge timbers throughout the United States. It is left rough sawn directly from the sawmill to further enhance the unique character of the reclaimed wood. Once finished on-site, the reclaimed wood flooring maintains its rough and interesting look, but is smooth enough for barefoot living. Feel free to to call us directly to discuss the scope of your project or request a quote for reclaimed wood flooring and we will get in touch with you.

Rustic rough sawn douglas firm reclaimed wood
red colored douglas fir rustic reclaimed wood
Close up of douglas fir rustic rough sawn reclaimed wood floor