Manomin Weathered Antique Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Manomin Weathered Antique Reclaimed Wood Flooring 2016-12-16T08:40:29+00:00

Our Number One-Selling Reclaimed Wood Flooring!

When it comes to authentic flooring, the Manomin Weathered Antique reclaimed wood flooring has natural weathering and aging that can’t be replicated. This reclaimed wood flooring is a mix of softwoods, ranging from hemlocks to pines, sourced from joist and roof boards, decking and walls. This late 19th and early 20th century reclaimed wood has acquired the sought-after antique look provided by distinct characteristics that include original saw markings and nail marks to give your reclaimed wood flooring a soulful and historic impression. Feel free to to call us directly to discuss the scope of your project or request a quote for reclaimed wood flooring and we will get in touch with you.