What Are End-Grain Reclaimed Wood Flooring Tiles?

End-grain reclaimed wood flooring tiles are a unique and beautiful choice for a floor remodel. Also known as “wood-block” or “cobblewood” flooring, end-grain reclaimed wood flooring was popular in older factories and industrial buildings for their durability and density. Our end-grain flooring is made from cutting reclaimed wood timber ends into tiles. The faces of the wood tiles have exposed grain, and can be arranged in a simple brick pattern or- depending on how the tiles are cut- unique patterns that reflect your personal taste.

The Benefits Of End-Grain Reclaimed Wood Flooring Tiles

Superior Durability

Not only are end-grain reclaimed wood flooring tiles unique, but they have many functional applications as well. In fact, end-grain tiles have been used to build streets because of their impact-resistance and toughness. End-grain tiles are cut against the grain, making each tile extremely durable for high-traffic areas, and are easily one of the sturdiest flooring options for any home.

Uncommon Beauty

The appearance of each end-grain tile is one-of-a-kind, showcasing the life of the reclaimed wood in its exposed growth rings, natural impurities, and markings. Choosing end-grain reclaimed wood flooring tiles for your home project ensures not only a durable surface, but a beautiful, historic reflection of nature’s splendor in a raw yet sophisticated approach.

Nature Renewed

Another important benefit of using end-grain reclaimed wood flooring tiles is the ability to use the end cuts and scraps from pieces of reclaimed wood in a way that minimizes waste. Utilizing every part of reclaimed wood lumber is fundamental to the preservation of new forests and trees.

Thinking About Using End-Grain Reclaimed Wood Flooring Tiles For Your Project?

Using end-grain reclaimed wood flooring tiles for your home project is a sustainable, natural way to bring a piece of history to your home. Contact Manomin Resawn Timbers to discuss how we can turn your end-grain reclaimed wood flooring tile dreams into a reality!