Reclaimed Wood Paneling For Your Walls & Ceiling

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Complete Your Project With Beautiful Reclaimed Wood Paneling

A feature wall or a room full of reclaimed wood paneling can transform a basic space into a remarkable and memorable showcase of beauty and character. With the addition of every piece of reclaimed lumber, the personality of your space will shine all the brighter with a unique history.

A well-placed accent wall with wood paneling can also bring a sense of warmth to any room, making it a phenomenal way to add texture and boldness to an otherwise bland area. Reclaimed wood paneling blends modern palettes and a unique story with a rustic charm, creating a rugged yet polished look that enhances and inspires.

Also, remember that reclaimed wood paneling isn’t just for walls! You can also outfit the ceilings of your space with these attractive wood timbers, bringing a soulful touch to all those expanses of boring white space and creating a distinctive, desirable look that’s uniquely you.

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Weathered Antique


Platinum Gray


Antique Oak


Antique Ash


Reclaimed Douglas Fir


Faded Red Barn Wood


Antique Elm


Antique Mixed Hardwoods

Antique Wormy Chestnut

Antique Wormy Chestnut


Heart Pine


Timber Tile

Weathered Gray Barnwood

Shou Sugi Ban

Unique Wood

Prana Wood

A Brief Rundown on the History of Our Rescued Reclaimed Wood Paneling

During the 18th and 19th centuries, our nation experienced a veritable tidal wave of change and growth, creating a powerful driver of progress that culminated in the Industrial Revolution. During this time, builders across the US constructed their homes, barns, factories, and warehouses out of the most affordable, durable, and abundant natural resource they had access to; wood.

Believe it or not, the lumber used to create those structures so many years ago is so durable that it can be salvaged, providing all the strength and utility of modern composite woods and a compelling aesthetic forged by the elements over hundreds of years. That’s why homeowners, contractors, and interior designers alike relish the opportunity to use high-quality reclaimed woods for their projects, utilizing these gorgeous shards of the past to lend even more character and natural beauty to their spaces.

Here at Manomin Resawn Timbers, we pride ourselves in rescuing lumber from American barns, factories, and warehouses, once-magnificent structures containing a wealth of history and experiences spanning many generations. Whether it came from the remains of a paper factory built during the Industrial Revolution or the wreckage of a small barn that sheltered and supported six generations of an American farming family, every piece of wood paneling we rescue has a fascinating story to tell.

By implementing some of these incredible pieces into your project’s walls or ceilings, you can shelter and preserve them for many years to come, further expanding the collection of human experiences and memories they represent with a few of your own. If you’re ready to set your space apart from all others with phenomenal custom wood paneling that immerses you in history and comfort, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Our Reclamation Process for Reclaimed Wood Paneling

  1. De-Nailing

Once our supplier completes an initial round of surface de-nailing, we meticulously extract any remaining nails or metals from the reclaimed panels we rescue. By utilizing metal detector wands and other potent detection tools, our team quickly and safely removes all traces of metal from each shipment of reclaimed materials, transporting them to our kilns afterward for drying.

  1. Kiln Drying

Unlike many recovered wood companies and independent sellers of reclaimed lumber, Manomin Resawn Timbers uses large and powerful kilns to dry our milled lumber until it attains an ideal balance of moisture content. Each panel stays strong and stable when exposed to different environmental conditions. This process also prevents shrinkage, making installing reclaimed paneling significantly harder. Lastly, our kiln drying system eliminates all traces of bugs or larvae living within the wood, guaranteeing that no unwelcome pests gain access to your home.

  1. Milling

Regrettably, most salvaged barn boards and timbers are severely uneven and warped when first rescued. That’s where our team of seasoned craftspeople comes in. These woodworking professionals use a wide variety of tools, including special saws, planers, joiners, molders, and more, to make each piece of lumber we save perfectly flat, straight, and square, creating gorgeous and unique paneling that will make your project shine.

Our Selection of Reclaimed Wood Paneling

Once again, reclaimed wood paneling is a great choice for just about any wall or ceiling, particularly if you want a classy, timeless look in your home. MR Timbers also offers a massive selection of paneling styles, allowing you to personalize your space to match your needs and desires. To help you get started with creating the perfect walls or ceilings for your home, here’s a brief description of each paneling variant we offer:

Weathered Antique:

The age and aesthetic traits of weathered antique wood provide a natural style to your home that can’t be replicated. This paneling is forged from a mix of softwoods (ranging from hemlocks to pines) gathered from joist and roof boards, decking, and wells dating back to the 19th and early 20th century, simultaneously contributing character and a gorgeous rustic look to your home.

Platinum Gray:

Our platinum gray reclaimed wood paneling for ceilings or walls is rescued from snow fencing that’s developed a bright, silvery-gray color after years of exposure to snow, sun, rain, and wind. Its unique color variety provides a unique sense of character and a rustic backdrop for many modern color palettes and home designs.

Antique Oak:

Antique oak paneling is milled from a mix of red and white oak barn wood from various planks. Its red oak presents a warm hue to the paneling, while the white oak shines through with golden tones that accentuate and draw the eye, creating a whimsical color scheme that will delight family and guests alike. Our antique oak reclaimed wood paneling is available with original sawmill marks.

Antique Ash:

Our antique ash reclaimed wood paneling for walls or ceilings is milled from barn timbers dating back to the 19th century. Bearing several distinctive characteristics (including wormholes, peg holes, and mortise pockets), these distinct pieces showcase an incredible period of Old World construction that’s long gone but never forgotten.

Reclaimed Douglas Fir:

Douglas Fir wood was used frequently in factories and warehouses during the Industrial Revolution. These boards are rescued from the timbers used to frame those structures, creating a compelling look that beautifully complements various design styles and makes it one of our most popular panel types.

Faded Red Barn Wood:

Sourced from many classic red American barns, these boards are made from wood that’s endured countless years of exposure to nature’s elements, giving them a soothing gray color with hints of red. When implemented into a home, these boards add a soulful, rugged character to its walls or ceilings.

Antique Elm:

Reclaimed from barn timbers dating back to the 1820s, our antique elm boards bear various unique features. Their generally light tan color is accented by a beautiful grain pattern and an eye-catching shimmer, giving them a fantastic sheen. Moreover, its wormholes, peg holes, and mortise pockets further enhance its character and rustic appeal.

Antique Mixed Hardwoods:

Our antique mixed hardwood panels are salvaged from various American barns and outbuildings dating back to the 1880s. These unique mixtures of ash, elm, maple, and the occasional mystery board create a unique peppering of beautiful and mysterious textures that will set your walls and ceilings apart.

Antique Wormy Chestnut:

Our antique chestnut wood paneling is incredibly attractive and rare, offering a wonderful color variation that ranges from golden honey brown to a deep dark brown. Its combination of earthy tones and one-of-a-kind patterns make this paneling a great way to add timeless beauty to your walls or ceilings.

Heart Pine:

Our heart pine paneling is salvaged from various Southern Yellow Pine boards used to create textile mills in the southern United States. The rich amber patina they bear makes our heart pine panels a great choice if you want to create a classic aged look for your project.

Timber Tile:

Our timber tile panels deliver an authentic rustic look to any project. The varying tones of these rescued panels establish an organic and natural tone, contributing a seasoned quality to your home’s walls and ceilings.

Shou Sugi Ban:

Our Shou Sugi Ban wood is the perfect blend of function and beauty. Burning and charring the wood makes it more fire-resistant and less likely to be affected by insects, rot, and decay. Whether your project is inside or outside, Shou Sugi Ban wood will look good anywhere.

Weathered Gray Barnwood:

Add an updated and modern element to your home while maintaining the rustic charm with Weathered Gray Barn Wood Paneling. Weathered Gray is a versatile option and fits with many different home styles.

Find the Reclaimed Wood Paneling of Your Dreams With Manomin Resawn Timbers

Whether you’re a home builder, home remodeling contractor or shopping for your home project, we have solutions that can assist with your wall or ceiling panel project goals. If you’re interested in requesting a quote for our reclaimed wood panels or just reaching out to us for additional advice on finding the best panels for your home, then be sure to call or message us today.

We would be more than happy to answer any questions and discuss what we can do to enhance your home through our industry-leading reclaimed timber paneling. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Where to Purchase Reclaimed Wood Paneling

Reclaimed wood has several benefits, but some of the most popular reasons to buy reclaimed wood paneling are the beauty, character, history, and sustainability that reclaimed wood offers.

Indeed virgin lumber can be found cheaper and easier to come by, but finding the perfect reclaimed wood paneling will make all the difference in your home’s interior design. Here are a few places to shop for reclaimed wood:

  • Local Reclaimed Wood Dealer (MR. Timbers)
  • Online Reclaimed Wood Dealer
  • Home Depot
  • Craigslist
  • Local Facebook Ads

Our business provides premium reclaimed wood options that help make your home shine with beauty!

Request a quote to see what type of options we can offer you!

Reclaimed. Resued. Remarkable.

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