Douglas Fir Vertical Grain Reclaimed Wood Flooring Delivers Quality.

Around 100-125 years ago, Douglas Fir with a striking vertical grain pattern was recognized as a superior choice for quality and durability. The vertical grain of the Douglas Fir reclaimed wood flooring prohibits the wood from expanding and contracting due to outside variables, allowing the wood flooring to maintain its finish and look stunning year after year. Sourced from 19th century timber structures, this premium choice for reclaimed wood flooring highlights a vertical grain aesthetic that was often used in homes at the turn of the century. Today, it produces a stunning look for your reclaimed wood flooring needs. Feel free to to call us directly to discuss the scope of your project or request a quote for reclaimed wood flooring and we will get in touch with you.

Reclaimed Douglas Fir Vertical Grain Reclaimed Wood Flooring
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