When it comes to remodeling your home, you’ll be faced with many choices along the way. From what color you should paint the dining room to what type of flooring you want throughout your main floor, there are plenty of decisions to be made. And when it comes to flooring, your options are nearly limitless. Nowadays, so many factors come into what flooring is right for the individual. For example, if you’re looking for eco friendly flooring, concrete is the best option for you. Concrete gives your home a modern look and is easy to maintain with a regular stain and sealing. If concrete isn’t for you, there’s countless other options for you to choose from, eco-friendly or not. If you’re thinking about possibly using reclaimed wood flooring in your home, you’ve probably been wondering if the unique material is right for you.

At Manomin Resawn Timbers we specialize in reclaimed wood flooring and have helped hundreds of families enrich their homes with reclaimed wood throughout the years. But is reclaimed wood right for your home? If you are not sure, you can read on and see if it could be, you can also check out NJ tiles for your home or business by Standard Tile if you prefer a different flooring type.

Do You Want a Floor That’s Eco-Friendly?

Whether you’re remodeling for building from scratch, you have the opportunity to add new eco-friendly features to your home that will make lessen your carbon footprint and help to keep this planet healthy. There are many ways to make your home more eco-friendly; such as using solar panels or reclaimed wood as a part of your design.

There are millions of trees chopped down in the U.S. each year. When you choose to utilize reclaimed wood flooring in your design, you stop the deforestation cycle. There are thousands of boards just waiting to be reclaimed and turned into flooring to be used again in a new home. Using our reclaimed wood flooring give new life to these pieces of the past.

Are You Looking for a Wide Variety of Colors?

When looking at new, manufactured wood, you’ll be somewhat limited in your choices. Due to the rate with which we chop down lumbar, many species of trees have become scarce or have died out completely. But when using reclaimed wood, you’ll have access to types of wood that would be impossible to find or recreate in the new market.

For example, we offer reclaimer antique ash, elm, oak, chestnut, douglas fir, and black walnut as well as mixed hardwoods, weathered antique softwood mixtures, and antique end-grain wood tiles. Plus, our wood has natural character that shines through in each piece’s unique markings, such as peg holes and saw marks. Reclaimed wood is a living part of the past, and can bring a rich sense of history into your home. With hues ranging from warm honey to ashen greys, you’re sure to find the perfect wood to match your home’s new aesthetic while using reclaimed wood.

Do You Want a Floor That’s Low Maintenance?

In your busy life, the last thing you want taking up your time in taking care of your flooring. Having low maintenance flooring means that you can spend more time living and less time working on your home’s upkeep. All of the wood used for our reclaimed wood flooring is sourced from 18th to 20th-century structures around the U.S. This wood has already been through years of natural tempering and weathering. And since the planks have already expanded and contracted to the point of being dried out, they’re much more durable than their manufactured counterparts. In this state, reclaimed wood is less prone to splitting or splintering due to its dense grain pattern. These planks can stand up to harsh weather and heavy foot traffic alike.

Do You Want Your Pick of a Wide Variety of Styles?

Outside of colors, reclaimed wood offers up some captivating stylistic flairs. No two pieces of will ever be identical. Reclaimed wood flooring is made of aged, old-growth wood and can be shaped into a wide variety of widths and lengths then today’s new or manufactured wood floors can. If you desire a distinct look either through skinny of fat pieces of wood, reclaimed wood can be found or altered to meet your specifications.

Reclaimed wood has unique imperfections that tell a visual story that all can see. You can practically hear the sound of old-fashioned saws running or the strike of a hammer as it meets an adze. From original saw markings and nail marks to wormholes and peg holes, a single piece of reclaimed wood tells a thousand tales.

Find the Perfect Reclaimed Wood for Your Home with Manomin

When it comes to where to find reclaimed barn wood the answer is Manomin! With a wide selection of antique reclaimed wood flooring, you’re sure to find the perfect flooring for your next project. If you’d like to receive a quote for your next project or learn more about the amazing benefits of using reclaimed wood, give us a call today.