Antique Elm Timbers

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Manomin Antique Elm timbers are milled from barn timbers dating from 1820 to 1880 and as such, carries some interesting features. One can expect wormholes, peg holes and mortise pockets to bring a uniqueness to the milled product that cannot be replicated. Today, you will not find this beautiful elm wood in new wood products, because the elm trees were virtually destroyed by Dutch Elm disease in the 1970s. Antique Elm has a beautiful grain pattern with a gorgeous iridescent shimmer that will give your timbers a beautiful sheen. When stained a brown tone, this timber is often mistaken for walnut.

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Ceiling with antique elm timbers

golden antique elm timbers
Ceiling with antique elm timbers
Golden antique elm timbers
Light antique elm timbers