Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Mantels

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Fireplace mantels add warmth and character to your fireplace and home. MrMantels offers a variety of reclaimed timbers that are custom cut to size to fit your fireplace. We also have suggested mantels in predetermined sizes ready to ship out immediately.


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Fireplace with reclaimed woodDouglas fir mantelSamples of reclaimed wood fireplace samplesdark douglas fir mantelFireplace wood mantel
Beganik fireplace mantelMantel with iron strapReclaimed wood fireplace samplesdark grey reclaimed wood fireplaceReclaimed wood fireplace mantel
Blocks of reclaimed woodRustic elegance and fireplace mantelMultiple reclaimed wood fireplace mantelsdark fireplace mantelgrey reclaimed wood fireplace mantel
Red-brown mantelVariety of showroom mantelsVariety of reclaimed wood fireplacesliving room with reclaimed wood fireplacemedium wood fireplace mantel

Reclaiming Old Wood

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The popularity of reclaimed wood has grown dramatically in the past few years. It has shown up in designer homes, high-end retail stores and restaurants throughout the US. Here in Minnesota, we are finding that [...]

Study in White

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Above left: Architect Christine Albertsson designed the stairway’s white-painted wooden slats. Above right: Numbered towel hooks are a pragmatic solution when the family gathers. For Jim Frome, it’s a dream house and personal [...]