Reclaimed Wood Table Tops

Reclaimed Wood Table Tops 2017-05-19T12:10:38+00:00
Original reclaimed wood table top

Oak at office

Original face reclaimed wood table top

desk with reclaimed wood
Full size reclaimed wood table

dark reclaimed wood dining table

Light reclaimed wood table

Gray reclaimed wood table top
Reclaimed wood kauri bar top

Table top at office

Reclaimed wood dining table

Bar with dark reclaimed wood
Manomin reclaimed wood table top

Reclaimed wood bar top

Reclaimed wood desk

Weathered antique table top

Study in White

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Above left: Architect Christine Albertsson designed the stairway’s white-painted wooden slats. Above right: Numbered towel hooks are a pragmatic solution when the family gathers. For Jim Frome, it’s a dream house and personal [...]